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Concordium’s DevX Initiative Launches Rust Maintainers Sponsorship Program

·3 min read

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE /October 21, 2021 / The DevX Initiative by Concordium is thrilled to announce the launch of its Rust Ecosystem Sponsorship Program to help address one of the biggest challenges many Open Source communities face: the support of maintainers.

Concordium believes it is essential to support work within Rust that helps keep the ecosystem running, including maintenance, review, organization and coordination.

The Concordium Foundation has given an initial endowment of $100,000 to the DevX Initiative to distribute throughout the Rust Ecosystem.

Through the Sponsorship Program, Concordium aims to fund developers whose efforts are critical to the Rust project but who are not currently being paid to work on Rust full-time. The DevX Initiative takes its lead from examples set by Embark Studios, Discord, Fly.io and Ockam.

"It is essential that those who choose to maintain Rust feel empowered and supported by the commercial stakeholders who benefit the most from their work," said Ernest Kissiedu, who co-created the DevX Initiative with Concordium's chief marketing officer Beni Issembert.

The DevX Initiative was launched with the mandate to contribute to the Rust Ecosystem holistically by aligning with the Rust Project's core goal of empowerment. It began life within Concordium to reshape the relationship between commercial entities and developers in Open Source communities.

Sponsoring Josh Triplett from the Rust Language Team

The DevX Initiative by Concordium is excited to announce it will be sponsoring Josh Triplett from the Rust Language Team. He will help guide the sponsorship program together with Ernest Kissiedu from Rust London and Mara Bos, the lead of the Rust Library team. There will be additional members from the Rust ecosystem added to this team to help steer the sponsorship program as it grows.

The DevX Initiative will support Josh in his work as the co-lead of the Rust language team and his work on the Library and Cargo teams.

"I believe the DevX Initiative has an ideal model for supporting Open Source development, with a long-term view and a focus on sustainability and scalable development. I'm thrilled and thankful to be sponsored by DevX, and I look forward to working with them to sponsor others in the Rust community as well," remarked Josh Triplett.

Concordium believes it must contribute to the Rust Ecosystem beyond its commercial scope to strengthen the Rust community and support the programming language's growth and adoption through the DevX Initiative.

DevX aims to be a dynamic, practical dialogue with the Rust community rooted in the philosophy of reciprocity as a principle. Reciprocity, as a principle, does not mean quid pro quo. "By the principle of reciprocity, I don't mean you need to "give to get", but that by contributing to the collective as an individual, you'll also benefit. This is what we call the Open and Free Social Contract," elaborated Concordium's chief marketing officer Beni Issembert.

The DevX Initiative by Concordium began embedding itself in the Rust Community by co-founding the RCIG (Rust Cryptography Interest Group), supporting the RFMIG (Rust Formal Methods Interest Group), and contributing code to crates in the Rust Ecosystem.

The DevX Initiative has a Roadmap that outlines the ways it aims to contribute to the Rust Community beyond providing funds for sponsorship.

About Concordium

Concordium is a Public and Sustainable Proof-of-Stake blockchain with a unique Identity layer at the protocol level. Concordium differs from other participants by offering low transaction costs in fiat and regulator readiness by introducing built-in identity management at the protocol level and zero-knowledge proofs, which are used to replace anonymity with perfect identifiable privacy.

For media inquiries, please contact: Maria Amalia Rojas, mar@concordium.com

SOURCE: Concordium

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