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Confession Email on Court Record Unveils Seattle Law Firm Linked to Erroneous Sentence & Inexplicable Prosecution

SANDUSKY, Ohio, Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An email chain containing an ironic confession by an Ohio radio broadcasting company mogul, filed among court papers in criminal and civil litigations between the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third, Ninth, and D.C. Circuits- and the U.S. District Court for the New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Northern District (California), and District of Columbia, reveal "res gestae witness" evidence that Seattle-based law firm Foster Garvey (formerly Garvey Schubert Barer) filed federal criminal charges against African-American lobbyist Cary Lee Peterson.

The notorious 'TK Confession' authored by BAS Broadcasting Ohio owner Thomas ("TK") Klein ( first surfaced on the federal court record, April 2017, during pretrial proceedings of Peterson's criminal trial case in Trenton, New Jersey- a year prior to his jury trial, May 2018. Despite numerous attempts to contact Klein for comments regarding this matter, Klein, BAS management, or Klein's legal counsel failed to respond prior to this news release.

However, United States Attorney Craig Carpenito (N.J.), who succeeded Paul J. Fishman [removed at President Trump's behest] early-2107, denied any existence of a 'qui-tam' (whistleblower) or third-party (prosecuting witness) complaint with the U.S. Justice Department. And U.S. District Judge Anne Thompson denied Peterson's attorney Eric Marcy the right to call Klein (or any defense witnesses) at Peterson's jury trial [i.e. UNITED STATES V. CARY LEE PETERSON, 3d Cir. U.S.D.C. New Jersey at Docs. #98-101], but contrarily allowed Carpenito and the two assistant U.S. attorneys the right to summons and fly-in 13 governmental witnesses to testify against Peterson.

Klein's boastful email- now official court evidence on over a dozen (federal) court dockets and AG Barr's office- clearly demonstrate that Klein and private law firm "Garvey Shubert" were investigating and sharing information about Peterson and his family; and an 'associate' at Garvey's office (who works with TK's "FCC attorney") "filed federal charges against" ["him...Cary"] Peterson, because they 'believed he was "a crook" who had something to do with "Mike[']s $300,000" ( being stolen by two conmen that TK's attorney ["Stu"] sued for a $300K [RVPL Non-Event] contract breach (, November '16.

Hence, court evidence implicates that Klein's distrust or suspicion for long-time business associate Peterson [of mutual friend referred to as "Ted'] stemmed from defamatory news content published by a political news organization, September '15, forwarded to Klein by his attorneys at Foster Garvey [Schubert Barer] who were also general counsel for Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign committee (

Thus, TK's '2016 Thanksgiving Eve' legal action against "Day" and "Jaclin" revealed the whereabouts of 'Mike's $300,000' (sent via bank wire by Klein to RVPL attorney "Jaclin," April '12, according to Wells Fargo bank records for the 'RVPlus Inc. Attorney Trust Account,' that were retrieved by Klein's attorney per Ohio Superior Court subpoena, early-2017; and (as well) obtained by the Securities & Exchange Commission, August 2014 according to court papers filed on Peterson's criminal trial case docket (suppressed or omitted from jury trial) (

Conclusively, the bank records obtained by Klein's attorney and the SEC ascertained that Peterson came into zero proceeds from Klein's bank wire transfer to Wells Fargo, and [moreover] had nothing to do with Mike being defrauded. And according to court papers filed in PETERSON V. RVPLUS INC. (3rd Cir. Delaware, May 10, 2018), Peterson was [actually] the personal guarantor of the private business loan for $300,000 [from "Mike"], who went to the SEC for help after the two conmen 'went ghost' with monies [intended] to purchase a publicly-traded shell company for the 'ECCO2 Green Job for Veterans Program' that Peterson, Klein, and "Mike" [Herbert] were supporting back in 2012 (

However, this typical 'breach-of-contract' situation didn't stop U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, [then] FBI Associate Director Andrew McCabe- (who Peterson crossed paths with while they were both working in Albania on foreign relations, February 2016)- and the unidentified Foster Garvey 'associate' from 'filing federal criminal charges against Peterson' for [allegedly] being the CEO of the said publicly-traded shell company [RVPL] (, between 2012-2013, despite the court record showing certified corporate documents ( (from the State of Delaware, affirming that another man (by the name of "Day") was at all times the "CEO, President, CFO" at "RVPlus Inc." between 2011 and 2017- making the Department of Justice's criminal offense claims [i.e. 18 U.S.C. 1350]-- germane to 'any person' who [actually] commits such acts [not an attempt, or appearance thereof] as a corporate officer-- against Peterson legally impossible.

More recently, in the Ninth Circuit, court papers in related civil litigation against Foster Garvey, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Bernie 2020, and Garvey's unidentified associate referred to as "John Doe 1" (PETERSON V. DOE 1, 9th Cir., U.S.D.C. Nevada, May 2020), evinced that Foster Garvey principal Brad Deutsch- (who is also an attorney to Klein and Sen. Bernie Sanders, and a former senior employee at Federal Election Commission)- alongside a FEC colleague Craig Reffner, who moonlights as a Micronesian prosecutor in Pohnpei State, filed an administrative complaint against Peterson's pro-Sanders PAC (Americans Socially United) in late-2015, according to FEC associate director ["Mark"] who was present on an informal, legal conference call with Peterson, and four other FEC attorneys back in April- events that predate adding FEC and their regulatory agency's associate director to the recent civil rights suit, PETERSON V. TRUMP, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (

Of course the foregoing disclosure [by the FEC] within Nevada federal court papers would conclusively infer that the 'TK Confession' of the (unidentified) private prosecutor employed by 'Garvey Shubert,' was not referring to a private attorney with a friend at the DOJ who compelled a prosecutor to file federal criminal charges against Peterson (which is still prohibited by law acknowledged by the Federal Third Circuit's precedential opinion in UNITED STATES V. PANZA, 3d Cir. 1974; and violates New Jersey Supreme Court's Attorney Rules of Professional Conduct - Rule 3.4(g)).

Unfortunately (in this instance) the 'inference' of a liar's hearsay, in a (Rosewood-style) witch-hunt (themed as a prejudicial, hostile mob chasing after the wrong man), that managed to get two wardens sued- not the be construed as a parody of any surreal and fictional C.S. Lewis novel.

Cary Peterson, a registered lobbyist at United States Congress, who was known by the FBI to have a primary residence in Guam, and [like Craig D. Reffner; a U.S. citizen] legally worked for public officials in the Federal States of Micronesia, a U.S. associated territory under the Compact of Free Association. During that time, Peterson also held consulship at a foreign mission (founded by American diplomat Richard Holbrooke) in Albania, and had history in anti-human trafficking awareness activities with the FBI in Guam; and was head of an anti-human trafficking international organization active between Canada, Haiti, the South Pacific, Eastern Europe, and the U.S. (

However, recent court papers filed in Capitol Hill's Federal Circuit Court (, and a [closely-related] bank data breach lawsuit filed by Peterson ( in the D.C. federal district court last November, discuss a 'grotesque' series of overlapping controversies that the [new] FSM president's brother alluded to in a social media messenger app chat with Peterson, February 2016, during a dispute about a social media posting regarding a commercial property and Peterson's community bank project (

The findings and discovery, in Peterson-Garvey-Barr related cases on court record in Washington, D.C., relate to a kidnapping (attempt) of a female Australian governmental attorney, who worked at Peterson's law firm in Micronesia, identified in court papers as "S.G."; in addition to [alleged] coups ran against [then] Pohnpei State Governor Peterson and [then] FSM President Christian's brother in Hawaii-- Governor Marcelo Peterson' and President Peter Christian [both who ironically] did not seek a second term of public office last year.

This [inter-continental] story comes back in-land to the U.S., last month, when Peterson files and serves a federal subpoena to Alpine Securities in Salt Lake City, Utah, in search for 2012 stock trading records from Delaware corporation RVPlus Inc. Thus, U.S. Circuit Justice Theodore McKee stated that U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito's office "produced testimony from several witnesses" in Peterson's jury trial. Whereas, this didn't include testimony from RVPlus's CEO or attorney, TK, or anyone from the SEC, who the trial court denied to testimony call as defense witnesses of Peterson's behalf. And [ironically] at no time were any stock trading documents from Alpine, RVPL's [only] securities clearinghouse (i.e. market-maker for 'non-DTC issuers'), or ARTCO (i.e. RVPL's stock transfer agent) proffered or admitted in Peterson's jury trial for securities fraud charges. (

At present, several related litigations- spinoffs from the original RVPL deal gone-bad- remain pending, while Peterson [a black male] remains incarcerated (for a New Jersey federal charges)- (coincidentally in Seattle near Garvey's headquarters)- more than four years after the real CEO of Delaware corporation RVPlus Inc. [a while male] 'got-off [and away] with civil penalties and no jail time (, and portions of 'Mike's $300,000,' leaving unanswered question as to whether systemic racism and inequality exists in the federal justice system, as AG Barr attested didn't exist in his testimony to Congress in July.


Media Contact:
Amanda Liu (Publicist)
Robert Peterson & Fields Associates
[T:] +1 (213) 986-4414; or

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