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There are conflicting reports about how the Giants-Odell Beckham negotiations are going

The New York Giants said they wanted Odell Beckham Jr. to check off certain things, like coming to training camp, then they’d talk to him about a contract extension.

Beckham did those things, including showing up to camp on time. The two sides got together to discuss a deal last week. But there are conflicting reports about how productive those meetings were.

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ESPN’s Josina Anderson said the Giants are not offering him a deal that would be anywhere what he wants. But NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Beckham’s camp and the Giants “engaged in good-faith negotiations on a deal that would make him the highest paid WR in the NFL” and were confident a deal could get done before the season starts. 

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham is looking for a big contract extension. (AP)

That’s a lot different than Anderson’s report, which said the Giants were offering Beckham less per year than the Kansas City Chiefs paid Sammy Watkins in free agency. Watkins is making $16 million per season. Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the highest-paid receiver in the NFL at $17 million per season.

Two much different reports on Odell Beckham negotiations

The reports both agree that Beckham’s agent Zeke Sandhu and the Giants engaged in talks last week. Anderson and Rapoport reported different things about how the meetings went. 

Anderson tweeted about the Watkins comparison, then clarified that the total value of the deal, and the average, included Beckham’s fifth-year option salary of $8.46 million for this year. That brings down the average, of course. Also, not all of Watkins’ $16 million per year is guaranteed. The Giants could be offering Beckham more than what Watkins got, but tacking that on to the end of his rookie deal makes it look worse when it’s viewed in a per-year lens. Whatever was actually offered, we have to assume someone with knowledge of the talks told Anderson about the Watkins comparison and wanted that report out there.

But Anderson added that it was her understanding new money isn’t ballpark either.” A little later, Rapoport had a much more positive outlook.

Everything about Beckham’s contract is going to be complicated, so maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the reporting on it is unusual too. 

The Giants need to pay Beckham

Beckham is a transcendent talent, but there have been reports he wants more than $20 million per season. That would reset the bar, which is rising with deals to Watkins, Brandin Cooks and Stefon Diggs.

The Giants have had issues with Beckham’s behavior, and have chided him for that through the years, but they know how talented he is. The team has said it wants to get a deal done, and it presumably knows what kind of deal it will take to get it done. They’re not letting a talent like Beckham leave in free agency, you’d assume.

Until the deal gets done, Beckham’s contract status will be one of the NFL’s biggest stories heading into the offseason. Depending on which report you believe, either that deal is fairly close or nowhere near getting done.

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