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Conor McGregor Thinks Floyd Mayweather Is Afraid To Fight Him

Ryan Harkness

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Conor McGregor recently paid a visit to LAD Bible headquarters to promote his role in the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game, and he spent some time while he was there answering questions from the fans. The conversation went from his obsession with playing Call of Duty back when he was an up and coming fighter to how he would deal with a killer clown should he encounter one. And then eventually the topic shifted to Floyd Mawyeather and how likely a fight between the two was.

“Floyd’s afraid of a fight,” McGregor declared. “Floyd doesn’t want the fight. Floyd wants a boxing match. And I’ve already said ‘No problem! Get my f**king money!’ You get my money, then we can box in this boxing match where you set up these specific rules that will keep you alive.”

“So I’m here,” McGregor said with a shrug. “Where’s my money? Cuz if you keep dropping my name and you haven’t got the money then I’m gonna show up at your front door. So we’ll see. But Floyd does not want a fight. Floyd wants a match. Under a specific set of rules. I don’t need rules.

“So I’m open. Let’s see what happens. Right now it’s just talk.”

Conor’s not the only one pressuring Floyd to accept a fight under a different ruleset. Recently, UFC president Dana White said the fight would never happen … but if it did, Mayweather would have to be prepared to get “kicked, punched, and elbowed.” Theoretically, of course. Since the match will never happen, especially now that McGregor sounds like he won’t accept boxing rules without a heavy financial incentive to do so.