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Conquest Firespray Is Supplying Flamebar® Fire-Rated, Code-Compliant HVAC Ducts to A-List Developments Nationwide


Conquest Firespray, a manufacturer of Flamebar® coated fire-rated architectural and engineered HVAC duct systems, today announced that it has played a key role in preventing potential liability for non-compliance of IBC code for some of the world’s largest companies. These Conquest Firespray customers include Genentech, Novartis, and Marriott, among many others.

For a Genentech (NASDAQ: DNA) renovation in the San Francisco area, Genentech’s initial building design did not allow enough headroom to accommodate horizontal ducts to be installed with a fire-rated enclosure. Conquest Flamebar’s ducts preserved the head room, and helped ensure code-compliance.

For the Novartis (NYSE: NVS) headquarters, a fast-track construction schedule did not allow for interior shaft wall construction to separate hazardous exhaust from the balance of the HVAC risers within a common shaft. Building individual divider shaft walls would have added months to the schedule. Flamebar® eliminated the interior sub-shaft walls and allowed the contractor to install duct in 45-foot sections while the core was being erected.

In the Seaview Hotel in Middletown, Rhode Island, the contractor installed vertical risers but built them as an “un-rated assembly” that was not compliant with the IBC. The code authority having jurisdiction (“AHJ”) notified the contractor that certain exhaust risers needed to be installed within a rated enclosure. With insufficient space to install a rated shaft around the existing ductwork, the contractor called Conquest. The Flamebar® solution allowed risers to be installed within the existing non-rated walls, keeping the job on schedule.

Conquest recently supplied the custom Flamebar® two-hour-rated duct and fan enclosure systems used in the new 54-story Comcast Center (NASDAQ: CMCSA) in Philadelphia, PA. The Flamebar® systems used in the Comcast Center included two-hour-rated horizontal systems, vertical-shaft systems, and custom-engineered fan enclosures.

Conquest’s Flamebar® is now listed in the “master spec” for Marriott group projects (NASDAQ: MAR) requiring code compliant fire rated HVAC systems. Flamebar® has been used in 16 Marriott group hotels to date, with 37 more in design and development.

Flamebar® ducts and fan enclosures are manufactured to enhanced construction standards either in Conquest’s Michigan or Florida manufacturing plant, both UL and Intertek audited facilities. Ducts and fan enclosures are coated with Flamebar® BW11, a proprietary coating that allows systems to meet and exceed two-hour and four-hour test standards.

“Our Flamebar® ducts are increasingly specified in high-profile buildings, because Flamebar® provides assurance of IBC Compliance to specifiers, engineers, and architects of IBC, which can reduce their liability,” said John Pattillo, Conquest Principal. “The fact that Flamebar® systems are typically lower cost and also offer ease-of-installation and a lower profile are added reasons for our success.”

About Conquest Firespray

Conquest Firespray manufactures and markets Flamebar® fire-rated architectural and engineered duct solutions to contractors, engineers, and architects. Conquest has served HVAC mechanical and sheet-metal contractors since 1998. Conquest fabricates UL classified and Intertek listed rectangular and spiral duct, and applies coatings at its Michigan Headquarters plant and in Miramar, Florida. Contact: 586.722.9200; compliance@conquest-firespray.com. More info: www.conquest-firespray.com

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