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Google Employee Claims He Was Fired for Being a Republican

Say Contributor

A former Google employee is claiming he was fired for being a Republican, in the midst of rising attacks by conservatives about big tech’s perceived liberal biases. You’re Fired In a profile in The Wall Street Journal, former Google employee Kevin Cernekee accused the company of bias towards liberal viewpoints and says he was fired because he was a Republican. Google’s employees have free-wheeling internal message boards, and in a few posts he expressed viewpoints ranging from criticism of a self-proclaimed feminist co-worker for being, in his view, too sensitive to defending a co-worker who was heavily criticized for suggesting “that Google not consider race or gender in hiring decisions.” His posts were collected for a warning letter, accusing him of violating the “Respect Each Other” section of the company’s code of conduct. He was terminated last year, and has filed complaints with the National Labor Relations Board, claiming unfair treatment for his political beliefs. Feeling Unsocial President Trump has been typically outspoken about the perceived liberal bias of big tech. Last month the White House held a “social media summit” to address what he considers the blocking of conservative voices on social media. Representatives of Twitter, Google and Facebook did not attend. Right On? Cernekee’s claims come amid increasing claims by Republican lawmakers, and even shareholders, that technology companies are biased to the left. Earlier this year, the conservative think tank the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project called for Apple to present the “skills, ideological perspectives, and experience” of potential nominees for their board of directors, and also made a similar push at Amazon. Neither proposal passed. -Michael Tedder Photo by Adobe