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Continuum Analytics Launches Anaconda Server for Enterprise Package Management

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 30, 2014) - Continuum Analytics, the premier provider of Python-based data analytics solutions and services, today announced the release of Anaconda Server, an enterprise tool suite for the deployment and management of Python packages and applications behind firewalls and proxies.

Hosted on a company's own hardware, Anaconda Server features a private, centralized repository for professionals to monitor the distribution and use of applications throughout the organization. With installation and configuration support from Continuum's elite team of developers included, Anaconda Server drastically reduces the amount of time and resources IT managers and system administrators need to understand, build, and maintain Python packages for usage by developers, internal users, and external customers.

In addition to repository access and installation support, Anaconda Server comes with Conda, an open-source package management tool also sponsored by Continuum. With Conda, system administrators can specify which packages and applications they would like to add to their internal repository, or they can mirror Continuum's library of over 125 already cross-platform tested, open-source Python packages. The individual users or teams within the organization can then install the internally approved packages onto their machines in one easy step. Anaconda Server also includes licenses for two of Continuum's proprietary add-ons: Anaconda Accelerate (a Python-to-GPU compiler) and IOPro (a streamlined database connector).

"We've seen companies struggle with complex internal Python distributions, leaving their developers often frozen on a particular snapshot of development history. It therefore becomes expensive and difficult to move to the next version of a particular component. Our goal with Anaconda Server is to eliminate that," stated Travis Oliphant, CEO of Continuum Analytics. "With tens of thousands of useful open-source packages in existence -- each with different licenses and release cycles -- it takes valuable internal resources to manage it all. The gift of open source can become an impediment to agile processes without solid, granular deployment and management tools to help. Anaconda Server is our way of helping companies take advantage of new open-source technologies, while maintaining control over what's being used. This simplifies the maintenance and upgrade processes and easily integrates free solutions with company-derived tools. "

For more information visit the Anaconda Server webpage or email sales[at]continuum.io

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