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Contract for 676 new MTA cars approved

NEW YORK (AP) -- A $1.83 billion contract to assemble 676 train cars to replace 1980s-era ones for the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad has been approved.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said Wednesday the contract was made with Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc. which is expected to assemble the cars at its Yonkers plant.

The MTA says it anticipates the project could employ up to 1,500 people throughout the state.

The MTA says the contract calls for an initial 92 cars to go to the LIRR. They will replace 1980s-era M3 railcars and expand fleet capacity. The new cars will have new features, such as larger windows and single leaf doors.

Yonkers mayor Michael Spano said the contract announcement is great for the city and would bring economic growth.