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Convercart Introduces New Digital Conversational Commerce Experience to Bring Curated Personalization and Scale to Online Shopping

High-Tech, High-Touch Service Combines Live Interaction with Design Consultants with Commerce via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Web

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Conversational commerce startup Convercart today unveiled a curated human-digital furniture shopping experience that marries easy access to experienced interior design consultants with digital commerce technology that leverages SMS, web-based messaging, and Facebook Messenger. Convercart's curated digital and mobile shopping experience allows consumers to communicate with trained design consultants for recommendations on furnishings to match their space and décor and to make product purchases—all within the messaging service.

With Convercart, shoppers can interact with design consultants in real-time and make purchases via popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger.

Today's consumers are often overwhelmed when shopping online. Many commerce websites have become overly saturated, with too many choices and little or no personalization. This is particularly true for purchases like home and office furnishings which must match the individual tastes and needs of the shopper. Also, more consumers—Generation Z and Millennials in particular—are using handheld mobile devices to communicate, shop, and make purchases and payments on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. The conversion rate for e-commerce websites, or the percentage of visits that resulted in a transaction, has remained well below 3% in 2017 and 2018. Conversion rates for mobile commerce are even more anemic, lagging e-commerce rates at nearly half the rate of desktop. The missing piece is the right mix of human assistance with digital automation across web and mobile channels to ensure a positive and tailored anytime, anywhere experience.

"Convercart's goal is to transform the online commerce experience that for millions of people has remained the same for nearly twenty years," said Convercart founder and CEO Alban Camaj. "Our approach is to provide a personalized, concierge-like experience through messaging with the right mix of human assistance and automation. That, with an outstanding selection of high-quality products, is the recipe for a tailored commerce experience that keeps consumers engaged and purchasing while maintaining efficiency and scale."

Convercart customers have access to over 20,000 indoor and outdoor home furnishing products in a variety of styles and categories. They simply message one of Convercart's professional design consultants via SMS, Facebook Messenger, or on the web to ask for recommendations on furnishings or to have their entire space expertly styled. Customers are encouraged to send photos and videos to their design consultant who uses proprietary technology to search for the right product for the space. Selections are presented to customers who can quickly and securely make purchases within the messaging service.

Convercart design consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to midnight EST, with plans to expand hours of operation in the near future. The service is free and available via Facebook Messenger (m.me/Convercart), SMS (347-923-6002), or on the web (www.convercart.com).

About Convercart
Convercart is an innovator in conversational commerce with a mission to change the way people have been shopping online for over 20 years by providing a better experience that combines live interaction and automation with consultants and digital commerce via popular messaging services. Convercart's approach uses messaging, the modern consumer's preferred channel of communication, to give customers direct access to live consultants with backgrounds in interior design who help them choose from a curated selection of over 20,000 home furnishing and office products. The service is free and available via Facebook Messenger (m.me/Convercart), SMS (347-923-6002), or on the web (www.convercart.com).

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