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Converde Energy USA, Inc. Finalizes Deal with EPCAMR & SRBC

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania, April 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Converde Energy USA, Inc. ("XFUL"), (OTC Markets OTC Pink: XFUL), is pleased to announce it has entered into a contract and partnered with the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation ("EPCAMR") to engage the Susquehanna River Basin Commission ("SRBC") in a multi-phase study of the Mocanaqua Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) Tunnel. This project, if successful, may lead to the supply of millions of gallons of treated mine influenced water during low flow conditions into the local watershed that feeds the Susquehanna River (Pennsylvania).

The Mocanaqua AMD Tunnel mine is believed to be a significant mine pool of isolated mine water. The mine pool size is thought to exceed 500 billion gallons of water. This static mine pool should be adequate to support the SRBC's criteria for an augmentation source. EPCAMR is currently digitizing, geo-referencing, and delineating underground mine pool boundaries for the Mocanaqua AMD Tunnel in Phase I of the project. There are around 15 grid sections with an average of 6 coal veins to each grid to review and add elevation data for an estimated 90 mine maps from the Office of Surface Mining Folio Map Series. The coal veins in the southern tip of the northern anthracite coalfields in the lower Wyoming Valley are the Baltimore Vein, Top and Bottom Ross, Top and Bottom Red Ash, and the Red Ash. Data collected will be used to create a 3D Model of the surface and underground mine pool complexes and multi-colliery hydrologic units within the project area to more accurately calculate the potential mine pool storage volume potential within the project area by EPCAMR. Specific areas will then be drilled for more detailed in-situ mine pool monitoring of chemistry and elevation changes in the mine pool and at strategic surface monitoring locations within the Black Creek watershed and in several surface water-filled stripping pits. Data collected, under an approved State Forest Research Agreement, will be used by EPCAMR, SRBC, and XFUL and the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, who own the Pinchot State Forest.

Mr. Domitrovitsch, Chairman & CEO, stated, "We are very excited to be working with EPCAMR's talented staff at their regional non-profit professional environmental organization, with over 20 years of experience in abandoned mines across PA. The Executive Director, Robert E. Hughes has made it possible for us to execute on our first augmentation project that we anticipate will prove out HCPA's conveyance methodologies."

About EPCAMR & The SRBC 

The purpose of EPCAMR is to encourage the reclamation and redevelopment of land affected by past mining practices. This includes reducing hazards to health and safety, eliminating soil erosion, improving water quality [and] returning land affected by past mining practices to productive use, thereby improving the economy of the region. Formed in 1995 by concerned conservation districts, EPCAMR represents a coalition of watershed organizations and reclamation partners. Members range from individuals, to the active anthracite mining industry and co-generation power plants, to non-profit organizations, 16 county conservation districts and other organizations in the anthracite and bituminous coal region of eastern Pennsylvania that are involved with abandoned mine reclamation issues. http://epcamr.org/home/

The mission of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC), which is defined in the Compact, is to enhance public welfare through comprehensive planning, water supply allocation, and management of the water resources of the Susquehanna River Basin.

To accomplish this mission, the SRBC works to: reduce damages caused by floods; provide for the reasonable and sustained development and use of surface and ground water for municipal, agricultural, recreational, commercial and industrial purposes; protect and restore fisheries, wetlands and aquatic habitat; protect water quality and instream uses; and ensure future availability of flows to the Chesapeake Bay.

The SRBC is uniquely qualified to carry out this mission. As a federal-interstate compact commission, its focus is defined by the natural boundaries of the river basin rather than the political boundaries of the member states. As such, the SRBC serves as a forum to provide coordinated management, promote communication among the members, and resolve water resource issues and controversies within the basin. http://www.srbc.net/

About XFUL 

XFUL's group of companies focus on providing solutions in the space where energy production and water meet technology. Our subsidiaries are engaged in the energy sector as well as design, build and operate regional water treatment facilities that serve the industrial, energy and government sectors.

Hydration Corporation of PA, LLC ("HCPA"), a subsidiary of XFUL is engaged in the businesses of water exploration, water augmentation, and the treatment of impacted waters. Through its subsidiaries and partners, we design, build, and operate regional water treatment facilities. HCPA is a leader in water-neutral energy solutions, as well as providing waste water technologies specifically designed to improve the impaired water disposal process.

The Company's IP delivers one of the highest energy yields from a broad range of water-bearing assets, with one of the lowest capital expenditures of any other known water processes.

HCPA offers a range of low cost attractive modular systems or fixed facilities via its water conveyance methodologies, which produce low cost water solutions in partnership with select small to large-size industrial energy users, government agencies, and non-profit watershed groups in target markets.

For additional information visit our website at: http://americanenergy-inc.com/

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