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How to convert any Nintendo Switch into a portable gaming rig with a 120″ screen

Maren Estrada

The Nintendo Switch is the hottest video game console on the planet right now, hands down. It was released on March 3 and it has been completely out of stock ever since in every online and brick and mortar shop around. New consoles fly off of store shelves the moment they arrive, and the only way to get one anytime soon is to pay a premium and pick one up on Amazon.

One of the coolest things about the Switch is the fact that it can, you know, switch. Slap a half of a Joy-Con controller on either side and you can game anywhere you want, or drop the Switch in the included dock and it instantly becomes a home gaming console. Of course, the device’s 6.2-inch screen is fun for a quick game on the go, but it’s a little small for real gaming sessions.

Now, what if we told you that there’s a way to easily convert any Nintendo Switch console into the king of portable gaming, complete with a display that can be used anywhere and measures up to 120 inches diagonally? Trust us, you’re going to want to check this out.

A YouTuber has put together a quick video that runs through all of the simple add-ons you’ll need to transform your Nintendo Switch into the ultimate portable gaming rig. In a nutshell, you’ll need three main things (and only two of them are actually necessary).

First, you’ll need a portable projector. The video recommends the Aodin Mini Smart Android Pico Projector, which is certainly a nice choice, though our preference is definitely the RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector. Either of these devices will let you connect to a nice big projected display using a standard HDMI cable with your Switch dock.

Next, you’ll need a portable AC charger. The Switch’s dock won’t work if it’s not connected to a power source, so you’ll definitely need this component if you want to play on the big screen when you’re not near a wall outlet. The video recommends a 20,100 mAh portable charger from RAVPower, but it was sold out at the time of this writing. Here are two other great options: The 100 PERCENT MPU951BK Power Bank (11,600 mAh) and the 27,000 mAh portable charger from RAVPower.

Finally, the least necessary item on the list: a special backpack called the Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack. It’s a neat accessory for hardcore Nintendo fans and it has special compartments for each different Switch component, but you can definitely bypass this item if you already have a backpack with plenty of space.

That’s it! Check out the video to see how it all fits together:

Aodin Mini Smart Android Pico Projector-Features with HDMI Input Only and Vertical Keystone Cor…: $239.00
RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector with 120 Inch Display - 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector 20,000 H…: $249.07
AC Portable Charger, RAVPower 20100mAh 65W(Max.) Built-in AC Outlet Universal Power Bank Travel…: Price too low to display
100 PERCENT MPU951BK Power Bank With AC Outlet & USB Charger, 11,600 mAh, Works With Laptops, T…: $44.99
AC Portable Charger, RAVPower 27000mAh 100W(Max.) Built in 110V AC Outlet Universal Power Bank…: $169.99
Nintendo Switch Elite Player Backpack: $49.99

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