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Copying decks in Hearthstone will soon be much easier

Swapping Hearthstone decks is about to become a lot easier (Blizzard)

I’ll admit it. I’m a dirty netdecker in Hearthstone. I look up what decks the pros are playing, copy them, and abuse them to climb the ladder. But putting those decks together has always been a pain. You’ve got to find the cards one-by-one in your collection and plug them into your list.

Soon, life will be easier. Blizzard announced Tuesday that the development team is bringing deck sharing to Hearthstone. That means anyone can hit the “Copy” button in their client, have a code copied to their clipboard, and send it to whoever they want. Once the recipient starts to build a deck, Hearthstone will find the code on their clipboard and ask if they want to copy the deck found there. It sounds pretty easy, so expect people to be posting codes instead of hastily-cropped screenshots in the near future.

The ability to complete daily quests by playing against friends will also be in the update. Rather than having to go into the competitive ladder or casual online play to complete quests, you can now just hop into a Friendly Challenge to grind them out on your own. This should make things quicker if you’re just looking to finish them up at a clip.

Finally, golden and non-golden cards will stack in your deck list, making things all clean and pretty. No more being confused as to why you have that one-off of the card you were sure you had two of, only to feel stupid about it two seconds later.

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