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Cora Systems Puts Spotlight on Project Management Trends

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwired - Mar 28, 2017) - A series of white papers authored by Dr. Justin Kelleher, a noted Project Management (PMO) consultant, examines project management trends that impact the implementation of complex programs and projects. Released by Cora Systems, a leading global provider of enterprise portfolio, program and project management (EPPM) solutions, these papers explore various facets of project management and examine ways to promote successful outcomes. 

Dr. Kelleher has an established track record of managing IT organizations, managing off-shore operations, delivering large IT customer solutions, product management, change transformation and driving thought leadership. His academic research has addressed Project Management methodologies, in particular, agile practices, process design patterns and corporate behavioral change theories.

"Six Project Management Trends in Life Sciences Systems" is the first of the new papers. It provides a comprehensive review of how technology is driving changes in approaches to new product development in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

"It's clear that new technologies are driving the development of everything from health monitoring devices, miniaturization of implantable devices, robotic surgeries and big data efforts for population health management. However, not a lot is said about 'how to' develop these technologies and the underlying methodologies and supporting project management practices that make these technologies a reality," said Dr. Kelleher.

The paper explores how remote teams are becoming the 'new normal' and the value they can bring to the development process. It also describes the importance of bringing investors into the process early on. Organizations with solid project, program and portfolio management practices encourage initial investment and set the foundation for continuing investment by providing measurable results.

"The Myths of Agile Debunked" is the second of the new papers and takes a look at some of the traditional misconceptions about agile as a product development strategy. Dr. Kelleher concedes there still remains conjecture and debate about Agile, however product development failure can generally be attributed to lack of experience with agile methods, lack of management support and organizational resistance to change -- not an agile strategy.

Change management, report customization, project management in the cloud and mobile collaboration are other important topics discussed by Dr. Kelleher. "No matter how many technological advances are made, there will always be unknowns," said Dr. Kelleher. Change is constant and agile approaches help manage these changes and will continue to grow as the biggest underlying approach in the short to mid-term."

The series of white papers can be accessed by visiting: https://corasystems.com/resources/category/20

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