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Corinne and DeMario just one of many awkward reunions on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ finale

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

It was an uncomfortable night as the cast from Bachelor in Paradise reunited to talk about this bizarre season. The most notable couple in Paradise was Corinne and DeMario, whose drunken shenanigans almost shut down the show. Even though there was no animosity in their reunion, it was a tad awkward. It was just a surface-level conversation, and the two never really talked about what happened that night. It seemed like DeMario and Corinne were holding back their true feelings, but there was no holding back in the twisted love triangle of Kristina, Dean, and D-Lo.

Twisted love triangle

Kristina and Danielle started arguing about Dean, but then Dean said, “You guys should not be arguing with each other. It all falls on me.” The ladies were both quick to agree on that, before turning on Dean once he got in the “hot seat.” D-Lo put Dean on blast by telling everyone that he contacted her right after they left Paradise, even though he told her that he had strong feelings for Kristina. And that wasn’t the only twisted relationship that continued after Paradise.

Cheating Robbie?

Even though Amanda ended things with Robbie before leaving Paradise, they still tried to make it work in the real world. That is, until a picture surfaced of Robbie with another woman. The twins called Robbie out on the picture, but he denied anything happened.

You like Vinny, eh?

Speaking of real-world relationship fails, Daniel and Lacey also struggled after the show, and they even went to the Fantasy Suite. Although, Daniel’s problem wasn’t another girl, it was another guy! Lacey told everyone how Daniel came to visit her in New York for six days, but hardly spent any time alone with her. “You insisted that Vinny spend the rest of the day with us,” Lacey said to Daniel before adding, “If he cared about me the way he cares about Vinny, we wouldn’t be here right now.”

A couple of happy endings

It wasn’t all bad news at the reunion, though. Adam and Raven are still together and looked happier than ever. And not surprisingly at all, Derek got down on a knee and proposed to Taylor. “You make me the happiest man on this planet. Will you marry me?” Adam asked. Through tears of joy, Taylor said yes, and this bizarre season of Bachelor in Paradise ended on a happy note.

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