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Corl Partners with MLG Blockchain to Develop Global Community


Corl Financial Technologies Inc. (“Corl”), creating the world’s first regulatory-compliant securities and revenue-sharing token, today announced that it has partnered with MLG Blockchain, Canada’s leading blockchain services firm to develop the global community of Corl’s CRL token.

"Today's announcement with industry leader MLG Blockchain Consulting will have a huge impact on our journey to bring revenue-sharing to the blockchain," said Sam Kawtharani, CEO and co-founder of Corl. "The experienced team at MLG will help us promote the value of the Corl token to the crypto community and beyond."

Regarding the value of the offering, the Corl token is uniquely positioned to become the world’s first regulated securities token, with the token representing equity in the company. Through this collaboration, Corl seeks to bring awareness to the offering, and leverage MLG’s deep network to diversify and strengthen its investor base on a global scale.

“The collaboration between MLG Blockchain Consulting and Corl is designed to empower blockchain enthusiasts to expand their knowledge and understanding of the Corl token,” said Michael Gord, founder of MLG Blockchain Consulting. “We are very excited to collaborate with the team at Corl and we are confident that this will be a great success story for blockchain innovation in Canada.”

Corl also partnered with Polymath, the world’s leading securities token platform.

About Corl Financial Technologies Inc.:

Corl aims to empower entrepreneurs and investors through the use of technology and innovative funding strategies based on revenue. Unlike traditional debt or equity financing, Corl provides revenue-based financing to high-potential early-revenue companies, streamlining the funding process. Corl also aims to launch the world’s first regulatory-compliant securities token, representing 100% of the equity in the company, and paying out quarterly dividends in Ether. With Corl, companies can grow on their own terms without any dilution, while providing investors with the opportunity to participate in an equity token that generates a continuous quarterly yield.

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About MLG Blockchain:

MLG Blockchain is a global blockchain consulting and development firm headquartered in Toronto with a distributed team across the world that is focused on building next generation applications using blockchain and smart contract technology.

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