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Coronavirus dashboard: Catch up fast

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  1. Vaccines: Mix-and-matching gains momentum — Boosters overtake first doses in U.S. — Pfizer to vaccinate Brazilian cityPanel endorses J&J booster.

  2. Health: Unvaccinated 11x more likely to die from COVID — 5x more police officers died from COVID than guns — New cases down

  3. Politics: Over 30 states limited public health powers — Pope Francis calls on companies to release COVID vaccine patents — Melbourne, "world's most locked-down city," to lift stay-at-home orders.

  4. Education: Education secretary reveals limits to Biden’s mask push on states — LA extends deadline for school employee vaccinations — Parent sues Wisconsin school district after child tests positive.

  5. Variant tracker: Where different strains are spreading.

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  1. Global: Total confirmed cases as of noon ET on Monday: 240,805,141 — Total deaths: 4,901,012 — Total vaccine doses administered: 6,647,572,869Map

  2. U.S.: Total confirmed cases as of noon ET on Monday: 44,937,514 — Total deaths: 724,417Map

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Editor's note: Johns Hopkins University stopped reporting U.S. COVID-19 recoveries on its dashboard on Dec. 15, citing a Coronavirus Tracking Project post that explained the national data is incomplete since several states do not keep records of recovered patients. It stopped reporting global recoveries and began reporting doses administered in May.

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