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Coronavirus: essential precautions explained by an automobile

Automaker Ford has posted an amusing online video, which explains essential precautions and good health behaviors to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The film follows a toy Ford Fiesta which zooms around the house to illustrate essential precautions against the virus: stay at home, wash hands regularly, sneeze into a tissue (and then bin it) and keep your distance.

The video, which lasts less than two minutes, was made using stop motion, an animation technique that brings static objects to life. Some 700 individual photographs were needed to complete the project.

At the end of the film, the team at Ford encourages viewers to make their own stop-motion video. Those eager to take up the challenge will not only need to come up with a creative idea, they will also have to take hundreds of pictures and assemble them using video-editing software or a dedicated mobile app.

- Watch the video: youtu.be/dIzVYPaa5L8