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Corporate Counsel Announces Its 2018 Best Legal Departments

Corporate Counsel’s editorial department is pleased to announce the honorees of our 2018 Best Legal Departments awards. We have selected outstanding corporate legal departments from around the country that stood out from their peers. This year we have added some additional categories to our awards. We still have our traditional general winner and finalist, but we have also added the categories of compliance, use of technology, GC of the Year and Startup GC of the Year. The winners profiled will also be honored at The American Lawyer Industry Awards reception on Dec. 5. Congratulations to all the honorees.

Best Legal Department, Winner: ADM

"ADM Pulled Off a Big Turnaround, A Little at a Time"


Best Legal Department, Finalist: DXC Technology

"DXC Technology’s GC Risked Everything for His Vision"


General Counsel of the Year: Wanji Walcott

"Wanji Walcott’s Mission Goes Beyond Guiding PayPal Through Business Problems"


Compliance Department of the Year: AB InBev

"AB InBev Toasts to Its New Path on Due Diligence and Compliance"


Best Use of Technology: NetApp

"NetApp Had a Long Road to the Top of In-house Innovation"


Startup GC of the Year: James Chen

"James Chen Has Become a Force in the Electric Vehicle Sector"