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CORRECTION: Renato Rodriguez, A Top Fintech Advisor, Is Creating A Crypto Launchpad To Support Blockchain-Based Startups

Sequel to the mistake observed with the use of "Bitfoliex" as the name of the source of the press release, that was earlier disseminated on April 27, 2020 instead of PR RENATO as the source, it becomes necessary to re-disseminate the correct version of the release to avoid misleading the public. However, the entire information remains unchanged

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2020 / Renato Rodriguez, a blockchain expert, and South America's top fintech advisor, is starting his own crypto Launchpad to finance and incubate blockchain-based startups.

Unlike the launchpads introduced by top crypto exchanges, Renato's platform is not going to charge a hefty amount of fees and equity. ‘'We know that some big exchanges want shares of the company before they list them in their Launchpad. This is crypto mafia and this also violates securities laws''

Renato has made it clear that his firm is not going to ask for equity or shares of the company, instead, the Launchpad will incubate startups through a win-win agreement. This means that Renato's firm will profit, only when these startups are successful.

‘'I am leading Airbitclub since 2015 and the journey has been quite fruitful. I want to give back to the community. Through our Airbit Club events in various parts of the world, we met many entrepreneurs who are ambitious like us and want to do something in the crypto space but lack the resources. Also, the crypto mafia has created an entry barrier that demotivates entrepreneurs. We won't let that happen anymore, I will make sure it doesn't happen again!''

In an interview with us, Renato revealed that he has read 100s of pitch deck presentations in the last 4 months and has shortlisted 11 projects to launch through his Launchpad. ‘'All these projects are seeking around $150 Million (combined)'', Renato said.

The IEO launchpads generally target a wide range of audiences because of the trust and security they are able to provide in their mechanism. In the 2nd quarter of 2019, IEOs raised $1.2 Billion, and since then there have been hundreds of IEO launches in the crypto market - many went unreported.

About Renato Rodriguez

Often dubbed as ‘The South American Satoshi', Renato Rodriguez has made strides in introducing digital currencies to every household of South America. He hails from Guatemala and holds a degree in Systems Engineering and has graduated in Economics from the University Of Los Angeles.

He is also a crypto philanthropist, helping millions of lives and also making them understand Bitcoin. The man has been working with several government agencies, to develop enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

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Contact Name: Renato Rodriguez
Organization name: Renato Rodriguez
Address (city, state and country): Panama City, Panama
email: info@renatorodriguez.io
Phone number: +1 9494267544
Website URL: www.renatorodriguez.io