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Cosmetic Dentists at Art of Dentistry Offer Unique Smile Makeover Experience to Bonita, CA

Drs. Lawrence Addleson, R. Douglas Campbell and David Landau from the Art of Dentistry in Bonita, CA, have developed a unique seven-step smile makeover process to help cosmetic dentistry patients achieve their smile goals.

BONITA, Calif., April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Cosmetic dentistry professionals Drs. Lawrence Addleson, R. Douglas Campbell and David Landau of the Art of Dentistry now welcome new patients for a unique smile makeover experience using their seven-step process. This standout process has been developed to more conveniently and consistently identify the precise treatment solutions that will help patients achieve their dream smiles.

The initial two steps include a thorough new patient examination and diagnostics. The diagnostic results help the dentists create a comprehensive individualized treatment plan in step three. Suggested treatments for patients in Bonita, CA, can include dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, teeth whitening, and other restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures and options.

Step four initiates the personalized smile makeover plan agreed upon by the patient. Whether the plan is expected to last only a few weeks or more than a year, goals are mapped out to avoid foreseeable concerns. The importance of the fourth step lies in the ability to help patients mentally and physically prepare for upcoming appointments. For example, a smile makeover patient who expects to undergo oral surgery may request time off in advance from work to ensure proper levels of recovery.

Step five comprises the entire execution phase of the treatment plan. From beginning to end, a treatment plan may take a relatively short time to reach step six, which is completion. On the other hand, some smile makeovers can require more than a year. The seventh step in this unique, seven-step process is follow-up several weeks after the final treatment procedure.

By consistently following this seven-step process, Drs. Addleson, Campbell, and Landau can ensure that every Art of Dentistry cosmetic dentistry patient receives a uniform standard of care. The team welcomes consultations with individuals who are interested in improving the functional and aesthetic aspects of their smiles through treatments from dental implants to dental crowns in Bonita, CA. Interested new patients can call 619-268-6560 for an initial visit.

About the Cosmetic Dentists

Art of Dentistry is a cosmetic dental practice offering patients customized dental care in San Diego, CA. Applying a philosophy that considers the art, science and biology of a smile, Drs. Lawrence Addleson, R. Douglas Campbell and David Landau provide personalized care in a comfortable, family atmosphere. With combined experience of over 85 years, the Art of Dentistry team uses state-of-the-art technology and leading techniques to craft each healthy smile. To learn more about Drs. Addleson, Campbell and Landau or the services they offer, visit their website, http://www.sandiegoartofdentistry.com. To experience the Art of Dentistry difference, call 619-291-4325.