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Costa Mesa Named A California #DreamEats Destination

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Thanks to a lot of food lovers, fans of the city of Costa Mesa, a program initiated by Visit California to promote culinary tourism, and the ever-viral social media space, Costa Mesa is now officially a #DreamEats destination. The recognition by Visit California – the tourism organization for the State of California – and its Dream Eater program, have produced a TV segment about Costa Mesa's dining scene to show thousands of viewers why Costa Mesa is a place where all dreams of eating delicious food come true.

Travel Costa Mesa

On February 27, an original episode titled "Costa Mesa's Amazing Aged Steaks," aired on Visit California's Dream365TV.

In 2016, Visit California put out a request to destinations throughout the state to share their favorite foods and places to eat. They were looking to send their official Dream Eater, Chase Ramsey, on a road trip to eat – and he needed recommendations.

"A culinary experience is one of the top activities sought out by travelers while on vacation," according to Travel Costa Mesa President Paulette Lombardi-Fries. "Costa Mesa has some of the most diverse and unique dining experiences in Orange County and we felt compelled to do our best to gain the attention of California's Dream Eater to help spread the word about Costa Mesa's dining scene."

When Travel Costa Mesa learned about an opportunity to work with California's Dream Eater to further promote the great food and chefs in Costa Mesa, they called on all their partners to start posting and sharing food photos from restaurants throughout Costa Mesa with the important requirement of tagging @CaliforniaDreamEater with hashtag DreamEats to get the attention of Chase Ramsey.

After a big social media push to post, share and tag all things food, the team at Travel Costa Mesa was notified by Visit California that it had been selected as a #DreamEats destination and that Chase Ramsey would be visiting Costa Mesa to experience it for himself.

Ramsey visited restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and more and the result can be seen in his interview with Chef Amar Santana of Vaca.

Foodies everywhere can join the conversation by following @TravelCostaMesa and @CaliforniaDreamEater and sharing their pictures of food and drink on Instagram using hashtag DreamEats.

About Travel Costa Mesa:
Travel Costa Mesa was established in 1995 with the primary goal of promoting tourism to the city and to fund programs and activities that benefit the hotel and motel businesses within the city of Costa Mesa. For more information on travel to the city of Costa Mesa, visit www.travelcostamesa.com. Travel Costa Mesa is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

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