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Costa Rica Mystery: UK Reporter Still Missing After 10 Years

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ten years have gone by with the family of British journalist Michael Dixon, who vanished in Costa Rica on 18 October 2009, still not knowing what happened to him and if he is alive or dead.

Picture of Michael Dixon in CR prior to his disappearance.

"I will never stop thinking about Michael and I will never rest until I know what happened to my son. If anyone has any information, it's not too late to speak out," Michael's mother, Lynn Dixon, said.

"We'll never give up looking for Michael, not if it takes the rest of our lives," Michael's brother, David Dixon, said.

Michael walked out of his hotel one evening in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, while on holiday and never came back.

He may have been the victim of a violent crime but local and British authorities failed to properly investigate the case.

The 33-year old British national had been living in Belgium and working for a US magazine.

He is 1.7m tall, with a slender build, brown eyes, short dark hair, and light brown skin.

"I believe the British foreign office didn't help us because Michael lived abroad. There are hundreds of thousands of British people in Europe and their chances of getting consular protection if they need it are going to get worse after Brexit," David Dixon said.

For all further enquiries, please contact: David Dixon, +44 7920 792 204 info@helpfindmichaeldixon.com

For comment by responsible person in British foreign office, please contact: +4420 7008 1500 or via fcocorrespondence@fco.gov.uk

For comment by CR authorities, please contact: Luis Guillermo Fonseca, Phone: +506 2666-1103, email: luisfonsecah@gmail.com

For a BBC report on the Michael Dixon case, please go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/fast_track/9485099.stm

For more on the Help Find Michael Dixon campaign, please go to: http://helpfindmichaeldixon.com/

Key timelines of the search for Michael Dixon.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1012874/Michael_Dixon_in_Costa_Rica.jpg
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