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Costas, Inc. (OTC: CSSI) Announces Joint Venture with ImpressArte, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Oct 3, 2017) - Costas, Inc. ( OTC : CSSI ) -- Costas, Inc., an investor in early stage companies operating in the financial technologies space, will embark on a joint venture with ImpressArte, Inc. as a profitable marketing vanguard into East Asian markets by targeting sales of its proprietary and quite unique, modern fine art.

Costas, Inc. will provide capitalization, visibility and financing arrangements for the new joint project, while ImpressArte, Inc. (website: ImpressArte.com) having been formed for the joint-venture, will market and sell its products, creating a revenue stream for Costas.

"This is a fun and potentially quite profitable marketing venture for Costas that benefits our current and future operations by having a very attractive showcase of remarkable visual art which should lay a pathway into our target market for East Asian rollout of subsidiary projects;" said Clifford Redekop, CEO of Costas, Inc. "We anticipate this venture should allow us to profit from marketing efforts as opposed to expending company cash for advertising."

Costas, Inc. invests in early stage Digital Currency projects with operations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Costas endeavors to maximize its positions in new and existing businesses which may benefit dramatically by new developments and applications in blockchain technology. Costas believes strongly in the growth of Distributed Asset Technology and its integration into Financial Technologies.

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