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Costco Is Selling Pumpkin- And Bat-Shaped Ravioli For Halloween

Madison Flager
Photo credit: Instagram / @costcobuys

From Delish

There's something extremely satisfying about grocery store ravioli. While I don't know anyone who makes their own ravioli at home on the reg, I can vouch for plenty who are happy to buy Trader Joe's Butternut Squash or Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato-stuffed pasta. Delish's social editor recently raved about Target's new Good & Gather refrigerated ravioli, which comes in flavors like Burrata and Lemon Zest. So naturally, Costco's version caught our eye—especially since there's a Halloween-themed package on sale right now.

Posted by the Costco Buys Instagram, this Nuovo Pasta is juuust the kind of holiday impulse buy we love. Each package has a mix of black bat-shaped raviolis and orange pumpkin-shaped raviolis filled with ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, and aged Asiago cheeses. A 32-ounce package (about 10 servings) costs $8.79 and would probably taste even better under some pumpkin pasta sauce.

According to Costco Buys and other Costco shoppers who have spotted the ravioli, the seasonal pasta is in select stores in Michigan, Utah, and Texas. It's not listed on Costco's website, so you'll have to check (or call) your local store to see if they're in stock near you.

While you're there, you may want to stock up on some of Costco's other seasonal treats, like their classic four-pound pumpkin pie, these apple pie spring rolls, or, you know, an actual pumpkin!

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