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COTI-2 Found to Correct Specific p53 Gene Mutation in Human Ovarian Cancer Cells

LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2012) - Critical Outcome Technologies Inc. (COTI) (TSX VENTURE:COT) released important new test results today proving that COTI-2, the company''s lead oncology candidate, stops cancer cells from replicating by correcting the effects of specific genetic errors affecting the p53 gene. COTI''s previous research had identified a strong statistical relationship between the presence of several p53 mutations and COTI-2''s in-vitro effectiveness in cancer cell lines with these mutations.

"Our experiments showed that COTI-2, at a low dose, restored the normal protein configuration of the R175H p53 gene mutation and did not affect normal p53 protein," said Dr. Wayne Danter, COTI''s President and CEO. "The R175H variant is found in many human cancers with additional strong statistical evidence suggesting that COTI-2 is highly effective in at least two other p53 ''HotSpot'' mutations found in about 20% of all human cancers. Additional experiments are planned to confirm the effect of COTI-2 on these other common p53 mutations (R248W and R273H)."

This new information represents an important advance in the understanding of COTI-2''s specific gene mutation mechanism of action with the results extending the test outcomes generated by Dr. Yu et al from the University of New Jersey as published in the May 2012 edition of the journal, Cancer Cell.

In the experiments:

  1. A human ovarian cancer cell line (TOV-112D) that expresses the specific p53 mutation, R175H, was treated with a low concentration of COTI-2. Analysis of fluorescent antibody and protein quantification data from the treated cells confirmed that COTI-2 restored p53 protein to normal configuration in these human ovarian cancer cells. This restoration of normal function then leads to cancer cell death.
  2. A human lung cancer cell line (H460) expressing normal p53 protein was also treated with a low concentration of COTI-2 as a control. The analysis of fluorescent antibody and protein quantification data from this cell line confirmed that treatment with COTI-2 did not affect the normal p53 protein in these human lung cancer control cells.
  3. The gene mutation specific normalization of p53 protein configuration was observed at a very low concentration (10 nmol/l) that is easily achievable when COTI-2 is given orally.

"With this and other exciting new mechanism of action data we have decided to engage Destum Partners, a boutique advisory firm, in order to help bring new potential partners into dialogue and meet our timelines in securing a partnership for COTI-2. As such, all business development related inquiries should be directed to Destum Partners Inc." concluded Dr. Danter.

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