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CoTrader - Bringing Reliability in the Uncertain Cryptocurrency Marketplace

SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS / ACCESSWIRE / September 20, 2018 / According to Google, the search results for cryptocurrency trading is approximately 25 million, evidently making it a hot topic for people across the globe. Per day trading of cryptocurrency market accounts for USD 10 Billion, which makes it a rapidly growing industry. Conglomerates, as well as common masses, all have been increasingly investing in cryptocurrency because of the huge return it avails in a short time span. While the return on investments is exponential, the cryptocurrency marketplace is extremely precarious. People often trade in haste or based on their emotional instincts and end up losing money that impacts their entire lives. CoTrader is a unique platform that has identified the volatility of this market and presented a solution that can help people trade in cryptocurrency more efficiently.

A Unique and Decentralized Platform

CoTrader is a cryptocurrency trading platform that aims at solving the complexities of investing. It empowers investors with a blockchain platform which offers transparency, control over their assets, and proof of fund's previous return on investments. The network is developing the world's biggest investment fund marketplace by democratizing the USD 85 trillion global fund industry.

CoTrader is a decentralized platform that allows users to invest and manage fund on a chain, known as Smart Fund. They are managed by experienced fund managers who trade the fund assets on DEXs or decentralized exchanges. In return, fund managers receive a percentage of the profits they made for their investors. However, the control of the money remains in the hands of investors and they can deposit or withdraw fund at any point of time.

Smart Funds - The Core of CoTrader

CoTrader platform is centered on Smart funds, which is basically an Ethereum smart contract that encompasses investors, fund managers, and shares to trade in. When investors invest in the Smart fund they are provided with a certain number of shares, representing the total fund ownership. The fund manager is able to trade the invested assets with an aim to generate profit. The fund managers in return get performance fees for the profit earned on the behalf of the investors. Smart Funds integrate ERC20 token interface, which means smart funds, can be traded only on exchanges. An individual can invest in a smart fund via depositing CoTrader (COT) token into the fund.

Safeguarding Smart Fund Investors

CoTrader Smart Funds offer decentralized exchanges that put users in control of their assets. They have the right to withdraw their fund at any time while no else can do the same. CoTrader fund manager can only trade via smart funds and cannot make a direct trade through a personal address. Bancor and Kyber are the two decentralized exchanges that have been incorporated into the CoTrader platform. Furthermore, a fund manager has the option to verify their account, thereby, present a strong portfolio in front of the investors.

CoTrader is truly an exceptional platform that is transforming the way funds can be used in the digital domain. The creators have effectively bridged the gap between investors and experts to offer a cryptocurrency trading platform where they can seamlessly trade and gain substantial returns.

Contact Person : Gary Bernstein
Company Name : Cotrader
Email : team@cotrader.com
Company Address : Hunkins Waterfront Plaza Main Street 556
Charlestown, Nevis (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Contact number : +17862418200
Website : cotrader.com

SOURCE: Cotrader