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Couple transforms 40-square-foot kitchen into dream space

AOL.com editors

Because you have so much less to work with, even small spaces can cause the biggest renovation stress. This DIY project proves it. 

New York couple Nick and Maegan Neubeck just recently bought a small fixer-upper in Grahamsville, New York. The home needed major repairs -- and the two often left their cozy Brooklyn apartment on weekends to tackle their new venture. 

"We chose to embark on this pretty much on our own. We're having a little help from a contractor to do the sheetrock and stuff," Nick said, according to Delish

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While the rest of the home's projects went seamlessly, the kitchen needed a lot of work. At only 40-square-feet, it provided quite the challenge for the couple, both of whom were eager to complete the project themselves. Problems within the minimal space were exacerbated by old appliances, rusting parts and dark cabinets.

It was almost claustrophobic.

If that wasn't bad enough, parts of the home were inaccessible due to the inefficient design. But with a little TLC, the couple was able to pull off the ultimate small-space renovation. 

Watch the video above to see how the whole project came together! 

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