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How To Have a Couples Wedding Shower

SMP Contributor

Couples everywhere are tossing aside the idea of a girls-only bridal shower and instead, opting to celebrate their pre-wedding events together. Known as a couple's shower, you're likely to see these co-ed wedding showers popping up everywhere in the new year. Interested in hosting one yourself? Here are a few things to consider.

When is a Couples Shower Appropriate?

A bridal shower is a lovely time for not only your girlfriends, but for your female family members as well. The idea of hosting a couple's shower may not sit well with Grandma, but for those that live out-of-state, away from family and friends, or consider their closest loved ones to be men, it might be a good idea. Weigh the pros and cons and consider who you want to celebrate this big event with—the answer to that question should help you determine what to do (and help you convince Grandma that it's a good idea!).

How to Request a Couples Shower from Your Hostess

A bridal shower is usually hosted by a mother, mother-in-law, or maid of honor, so if you are thinking of doing a couple's shower, it's important you let them know as soon as possible. Talk over your idea with your hostess and let them know your thoughts on style, guest list and party ideas. Offer to help them plan, or even pitch in, as the guest list is sure to double as you add all the men in your life to the party!

How to Make it Gender Neutral

If you dream of sparkly tablecloths and cupcakes topped with engagement rings, you may want to reconsider the couple's shower. Instead, a co-ed event should be just that—co-ed. Consider testing out a theme that works great for both genders, like a BBQ or pool party. If you want to up the fancy factor, ask everyone to dress up and create an evening of cocktails and passed appetizers. Just be sure you don't overshadow the actual wedding with your shower.

Inform Your Guests

Make sure your guests are aware of the co-ed factor before they arrive. Use the invitation to let them know that it will be a couple's soiree and be sure your registry reflects that. The bridal shower is often a time for the girls in your life to gift you with girly items like bridal undergarments or fancy nighties, so it's important they know the gifts will be opened by you and your husband to be.

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