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Coveo Expands Cloud Connectivity for Salesforce Users, Transforming Knowledge Management for Customer Service

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QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2013) -

  • Today Coveo announced that its highly advanced search application, Coveo for Salesforce, available on the Salesforce.com AppExchange, now enables instant indexing of Salesforce Knowledge, SharePoint Online (Beta Connector) and Chatter Answers, further expanding the power it places in agents' hands to solve cases faster and provide higher-quality customer service.

  • Coveo for Salesforce offers a stable of existing cloud connectors "out of the box," bringing together content from throughout the Salesforce platform, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Dropbox, Lithium communities and websites. Coveo also offers deep connectivity to more than 50 enterprise systems with the addition of an on-premise index, placing access to an organization's entire knowledge management ecosystem in the cloud, on-premise and in social systems, directly within Salesforce.

  • Coveo correlates relevant content in real time, and presents it instantly in the context of the case an agent is working within the Coveo Insight Panel populated in the Salesforce UI. Agents and other Salesforce users also gain highly advanced search functionality with Coveo for Salesforce.

  • The newest additions to the Coveo for Salesforce cloud-based connectors are designed to give users access to the most popular knowledge bases and systems that contain valuable customer and product information, including:

    • Salesforce Knowledge, a knowledge base where users can easily create and manage content, known as articles, and quickly find and view the articles they need. By indexing Salesforce Knowledge, users now have access to an increasingly populated and important information resource used by the Salesforce community.
    • SharePoint Online, a cloud-based collaboration and workplace productivity suite. By indexing valuable resources within SharePoint, Salesforce users can obtain insights from a prominent system of record, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud. (Coveo also connects with on-premise instances of SharePoint.)
    • Chatter Answers, which allows users to post, browse and reply to questions, as well as collaborate with agents to solve cases.
  • Top features of Coveo for Salesforce include:

    • Solutions and Experts from Anywhere Correlated to the Case Context - Coveo automatically presents 360-degree views of customer, case or product information and communications, as well as experts who can help. Using advanced data enrichment, solutions and insight can come from multiple sources, across the enterprise, communities and social content.
    • Powerful Search and Navigation for Agents - the Coveo Expanded View enables deep, broad, power-user search in Salesforce for the most difficult to solve cases, securely across any enterprise content.
    • Unified Indexing - federates cloud, on-premise and social data securely and in real-time, regardless of format or source. More than 100 connectors and converters are available.
    • Expertise Finding - dynamically, through context and topics, from internal colleagues to external experts, Coveo locates people who can help with prior experience relevant to the case or customer at hand.
    • Extended Ecosystem - Coveo cuts across departmental and system silos, enriching the case with sales or engineering content, thus providing high-value and relevant customer interactions.
    • Highly Tuneable Results Ranking - the intuitive admin interface enables creation of queries, customization options and the ability to quickly promote or demote result types.

  • For more about Coveo for Salesforce, please click here.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Diane Berry, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communication, Coveo: "Coveo solves the challenge of search in Salesforce, and goes even further by bringing contextually relevant content directly into the user interface, in real time. We securely connect the Salesforce platform with an organization's entire knowledge ecosystem, and with these new connectors, enable that much more, via the AppExchange. Coveo keeps users in Salesforce, rather than searching in multiple other systems, which completely transforms knowledge management for customer support -- dramatically increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing costs."

About Coveo
Coveo's highly advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform transforms knowledge management initiatives by redefining how people access and share fragmented knowledge around the customer-focused enterprise. Coveo brings together the collective and yet fragmented information from cloud-based, social, and on-premise systems, and injects it into the context of every user, every time. Coveo connects people to contextual content, and through content, to relevant people. This enables more efficient customer service, increased sales, shorter sales cycles, faster innovation for better product development and increased profitability. Coveo's advanced, Unified Indexing and Insight platform securely connects with and crawls all systems to create a virtual integration layer, by federating and enriching structured and unstructured information.

The Company's lines of business inject existing knowledge into every Customer Service interaction, personalize online customer experiences within high-end websites, and increase overall return on knowledge by making the collective knowledge easily accessible, so that all employees can stop reinventing the wheel. More than 2,000,000 people globally and more than 500 companies use Coveo to achieve their business goals. Among Coveo customers are L'Oreal Switzerland, Lockheed Martin, YUM! Brands, GEICO and SunGard. For more information, visit www.coveo.com, follow us on Twitter @coveo or like us on Facebook.