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Covesting Presents its Revolutionary Peer-2-peer Asset Management Platform for Cryptocurrency

GIBRALTAR, November 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Covesting released a sneak peek of their revolutionary peer-2-peer asset management platform for cryptocurrency industry earlier this week.

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Covesting is a financial technology startup with an aim to create a platform that brings copy-trading and professional asset management to the crypto currency world. Copy-trading is very popular in traditional financial markets but is yet to set its base in the crypto industry. Traders, both professional and amateur can build a trading Model which they can allow other investors to subscribe to. Once subscribed, the investor's accounts will replicate all the trades that the Model manager (trader) executes, in real time. The Covesting peer-2-peer asset management platform was built for this very purpose of offering transparency and security to investors who are not comfortable trading in cryptocurrency individually. The platform will also enable the investors to evaluate the traders' performance on a real time basis and be in total control of their funds.

Details of the platform and most importantly, screen shots of the application were a closely guarded secret until this week. Covesting, however, released screenshots and details of the platform on the blog published on Medium, giving important insights to the investors and crypto community on what to expect in the MVP due late November.

A sneak peek at the Covesting platform's dashboard gives unique insight on how the platforms main page where investors are able to track their historical performance, see the top coins they are invested in, view their transactions, as well as the latest feeds from Model Managers they are linked to.

In order to develop the platform within shortest period of time, Covesting team has decided to go for Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Covesting project provides the unique opportunity to take part in a crowdsale and benefit from its growth by purchasing Covesting Tokens prior to the beta-version launch of the platform. Covesting's Pre-ICO has been live for around two weeks and has seen immediate success despite its relatively private round. Their goal of raising 2,000 ETH was achieved within the 50% of the Pre-ICO hard cap milestone. The presale is going to be limited to just 5,000 ETH and will end on November 19, 2017 whatever comes earlier. More than 1,100 investors have shown interest in participating in the Pre-ICO as a lot of interest is seen in the MVP prior to its release and are bullish on the prices going higher.

Dmitrij Pruglo, CEO of Covesting is thrilled with development so far. In a statement he said, "The MVP development phase has gone well in and line with our expectations. We are creating a really cool product for investors and traders. By continuously adding features, building a strong community, and aggregating data, Covesting is about to become a leading blockchain based peer-2-peer asset management and trading platform for cryptocurrency markets."

Would you like to learn more Covesting? Visit covesting.io to access the full white-paper, view bios of the extremely talented team behind Covesting, and learn details about the Pre-ICO and their project roadmap.

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