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COVID-19 Aging Population Deaths Rising in Canada

OTTAWA, June 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to statistics Seniors age 80 years old and older are at high risk of dying from Coronavirus disease. On June 26th, there were 8,481 total deaths related to COVID-19 in Canada. Health data in Canada showed that 72 percent of aging population had been deceased that is about 4,000 deaths (almost half are seniors). Less than 40 percent were hospitalized, and about 12 percent were admitted to ICU. This data is from the Health-Infobase Canada website on COVID-19 cases.

Cause of their death:

Most of the COVID-19 deaths in Canada among Seniors were in retirement homes. A 2016 population study by Canada estimated that more than 15.6 percent was represented by aging population 60 years old and older. Just recently, the government conducted a study with the help of the Canadian military to assess COVID-19 but has yet to address the conditions in retirement homes.

Where did Coronavirus come from?

Coronavirus originated in China in late 2019 but the virus gradually transmitted to other countries including Canada early this year.

According to Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, a Global Health researcher and CEO of Taleam Systems says, “As the virus speeded up quickly due to lack of PPE measures in place, the virus has had the deadliest health attacks on the aging population.”

Consequences of the virus:

The seniors have proved that they cannot handle the virus even with the support of medical staff.

Ahmadzai adds, “We need to ensure that the measures outlined are respected and adhered to, for stopping COVID-19 deaths among the aging population.”

This research was conducted by Meladul Haq Ahmadzai who is a Global Health researcher and CEO of Taleam Systems which provides custom health systems to hospitals and medical clinics in Canada. Visit www.taleamsystems.com to learn more about Taleam Systems products.

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