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COVID-19 Lockdown Eases Across Nation, Here's List of 20 Books Guiding Us to Reach Our Full Potential in Next Decade

There’s no such thing as too many good books. Although lockdowns may be lifted across the nation, there’s still much to learn and be inspired by -- and many authors are taking the personal development charge with books on reaching our potential, overcoming adversity, optimizing health, and succeeding in business. Each of these twenty books shows the best of 2020 and the new decade upon us, with an honest intention to help every reader who embarks on the journeys these books offer.

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1. Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside American Mouths by Dr. Gladys McGarey, Dr. Nicholas Meyers, and Aimee Tariq

This practical guide on the details of inflammation in the body and nontoxic living is co-authored by three of the top experts in health: the mother of holistic medicine Gladys McGarey, world-renowned leading health coach Aimee Tariq, and President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine Dr. Nicholas Meyers. Readers learn the most important considerations for health today, written in an easy-to-follow format, allowing them to walk away from the book with actionable steps on how to implement the health tenets in their lives.

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2. Master Your Mindpower by Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel.

We all have mind power -- but few of us know how to harness it to create the lives of our dreams. Success Training Company co-founders Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel have created a guidebook with personal stories, client stories, and real strategies intended to help readers master their mind power and mental toughness with the same mindset strategies and productivity hacks that have helped thousands of their clients. Readers learn how to gain new energy by releasing mental and emotional barriers, how to manifest their goals, and live in alignment with their principles, passion, purpose and life goals.

3. Her Big Idea by Haley Hoffman Smith

Motivational speaker Haley Hoffman Smith believes no one’s ideas are accidents -- rather, they’re guideposts leading us on an adventure we must go on. Paired with the page-turning and defining story of her own entrepreneurial journey, she shares diligent research, female founder stories, and poignant considerations about the power we all possess when we come up with a big idea. In addition to its punch of motivation to all hopeful entrepreneurs, the book also has a charitable aspect: half of all proceeds from the book go to Hoffman Smith’s Her Big Idea Fund in partnership with her alma mater Brown University’s Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship, which donates grants to women of all ages and backgrounds and their entrepreneurial ventures.

4. How to Turn Your Digital Footprint Into Leads by Imran Tariq

This book is a go-to for any business owner looking to optimize their digital presence with authority and for ROI -- whether they’re a beginner, or looking to spruce up their current presence. Written by marketing and online authority expert Imran Tariq, this book offers comprehensive and detailed advice on how business owners can convert traffic to leads. It breaks down the different types of traffic and where to make your money work most for you.

5. Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Bestselling author and activist Glennon Doyle’s Untamed has stuck to the top of the New York Times list since its release, and for good reason. Doyle heartfully shares a detailed, poignant and very real memoir about motherhood, relationships, Christianity, and finding her true ‘untamed’ self. The book is a rallying cry to all women who have spent years of “denying [their] discontent,” intended to untame readers, as well - by helping them to recognize where they have sacrificed their true calling.

6. Close Your Eyes, Lose Weight by Grace Smith

Grace Smith is a world-renowned hypnotherapist, and she recently released this book to help alter the subconscious minds of readers looking for a reprieve from addictions, body dysmorphia, and emotional weight. It provides actionable yet delicate advice for mindful eating, overcoming addictions, and healing body dysmorphia. Readers are given the tools to take matters into their own hands and subconsciously shift their feelings of self-worth and confidence through a “DIY” method of hypnotherapy, featuring links to her recordings.

7. Meant for More by Mia Hewett

Human potential expert Mia Hewitt has mastered the art of helping others reach their full potential, while also achieving seven figures in her own life. In this book, Hewitt tells her own powerful personal transformation story alongside science-based tips. The end result is a book that helps readers to access their power, create their reality, live without stress, and build the foundation for successful relationships.

8. Don’t Let Your Struggle Become Your Standard by Jose A. Flores

When he was young, Jose A. Flores was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which contributed to feelings of insecurity. Then, he one day decided he was ready to live his life to the fullest and to stop letting his struggle become his standard. This book shares the story of his own transformation and reflection, with encouragement for all of us to find our “why,” recognizing our uniqueness, and turn weaknesses into wins.

9. The New MBA: How to Build a Business That You Love and Take Control of Your Finances Without Losing Who You Are by David Schloss

Written by online marketer and social ads expert David Schloss, this book rings true to its title: a new glance at a modern day MBA, without the two years of school and six figure bill. Schloss compiles his own experience and earned expertise to offer tips on managing finances, building a business for longevity, outperforming competitors, and networking for successful connections. It’s a perfect first step for hopeful entrepreneurs, or seasoned business owners looking to step up their game.

10. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

In a hopeful new look at adversity, Ryan Holiday bases this book’s tenets in philosophical principles from a Roman emperor, intended to leave the reader in full understanding of the power they have to change what they can in their lives and make the most of obstacles in their paths. Excellence emerges from adversity, for those who are willing to take advantage of the opportunity.

11. Conference Crushing: The 17 Undeniable Rules Of Building Relationships, Growing Your Network, And Crushing A Conference Even If You Don't Know Anyone by Tyler Wagner

Founder and book expert Tyler Wagner gets real about conferences and how to make the most of them in this detailed guide to the 17 rules of networking and building relationships. The book is broken down into three valuable how-to sections to help sage conference-goers and newbies alike make the most of any conference they attend moving forward. If you’re going for ROI by attending conferences, this book can help you uplevel your networking game and the results from event attendance.

12. Build An Empire: How to Have it All by Elena Cardone

Elena Cardone shares the story and values she holds to in her marriage with her husband, notable entrepreneur Grant Cardone, as she surveys what’s required for a woman of any background to build her empire and have it all in the 21st century. This book lays out how readers can find the right partner to further their goals, how to balance business and family life, and how to build a company of impact on a global scale.

13. Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities by Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid

Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Sharon Lechter and motivational speaker Greg Reid combine their experiences, philosophies, and principles with those from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich in this book on finding perseverance despite adversity. Featuring parable-like language and stories, Three Feet From Gold is a guidebook for tapping into new levels of self-motivation, leadership, and service.

14. The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time by Arianna Huffington

Media mogul Arianna Huffington recently created Thrive Global, and in alignment with her new efforts to help all people thrive holistically, her latest book The Sleep Revolution digs into the groundbreaking and transformational science behind a night of good sleep. She shares the devastating impacts of sleep deprivation and the powerful benefits of getting enough restful sleep consistently for human productivity, happiness, and potential, and pairs the research with takeaways for how readers can better prioritize their own sleep.

15. Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Brené Brown PhD went viral after giving a TEDx talk on shame and vulnerability, rooted in her many years of research. Now, she takes a look at courage and confidence, which are also tied intricately with vulnerability. With the encouragement for readers to allow themselves to be seen and find the courage to stand in the spotlight of our own lives, Daring Greatly is a defining book of our time, empowering people to dare to step into what they have always wanted to be

16. Freelancing on Fiverr by Alex Fasulo

Many freelancers don’t know how to market their services and get their first clients, but Alex Fasulo figured it out -- on Fiverr. She earns well over six figures on the platform now, and shares her exact roadmap for how she built her Fiverr reputation, created offerings, and scaled in this must-read ebook for freelancers-to-be.

17. The T.I.M.E. Method™ - A No Bullsh*t Guide to Creating An Abundance of Time by Monique Lindner

Believe it or not, time can be created. High performance and leadership specialist Monique Lindner has mastered how, and uses her practices to help clients gain back - on average - 50 percent of their time. She shares her tried and true methods in this book, intended to help readers “slow down to speed up,” so they can unlock more productivity and time in their days.

18. The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap by Josh Nelson

Building a seven figure agency is no easy feat, and many entrepreneurs hope to scale to that level. So, Josh Nelson, a seven figure agency owner himself, wrote a roadmap detailed with everything an agency owner needs to learn, master, and apply to reach seven figures. He also discusses the most common problems agency owners face in operating and scaling their businesses, and how to avoid them.

19. Customer Finding by Huey Lee

Lead generation expert Huey Lee gets real about how exactly business owners can find their ideal customer and sell to them in this honest, strategy-based book. He shares trade secrets that will create an air of exclusivity for any business: a must-needed ‘secret weapon’ for attracting more leads.

20. The Best Seller Method: 12 Proven Steps to Self Publishing a Book, Becoming a Best Selling Author and Leveraging Massive Credibility for You and Your Business by Rory Carruthers

Many desire to write their own best selling book, and seven -time #1 international bestselling author Rory Carruthers isn’t shy about sharing the step-by-step details on just how to do that. In this insightful and strategic book, he shares the details of his own successes, centering on the art and science of self-publishing then using a book to create mass credibility.