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Kendall Jenner Finally Wore Her Cow-Print Manicure

Megan Decker

When Kendall Jenner does anything — wears green liner, contemplates bangs, lends her face to a controversial campaign — it trends on Twitter faster than you can say "Proactiv." So, when the reality star-turned-supermodel was quoted in a recent interview with Allure saying that she was heavy into (wait for it) cow-print nails, we knew it was a breakout manicure trend about to take off.

Not only did Jenner contemplate cow-print manicure — "We'll see if that happens any time soon," she told Allure — she actually went for it, showing of a super-chic white and black-speckled manicure in her most recent Instagram Story. Further proof the the trend takeoff, the cow-print was also recently adapted by fellow trendsetter Ariana Grande. Just a few days ago, the Thank U, Next singer posted a selfie showing off her glossy white nails sprinkled with inky black spots — basically solidifying our heightened suspicions that the cow-print is the spring nail art trend de jour.

Scroll through the gallery ahead to see Jenner's cow-print manicure, plus Grande's, and the coolest iteration of the supermodel-sparked trend currently taking over Instagram (likely thanks to the ample A-list endorsements).

In a recent Instagram Story, Kendall Jenner gave us severe vacation envy with a side of fresh manicure inspiration. She posed in a teeny yellow bikini, accessorized with white-and-black cow-print nails.

Ariana Grande showed off a freshly-polished thumbnail in a black-and-white selfie on her Instagram Story, proving the cow-print trend is very much on the rise.

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