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The Coway air purifier has raving fans and it's almost $100 off at Walmart

Leah Stodart

When that spring weather hits over 60 degrees, you know we're all cranking those windows open to air out the house after being quarantined all winter.

But for those lucky people with allergies, making it less stuffy in our home leads to a stuffy nose (among other side effects). Because that's fair, right? 

Don't let dust and pollen prevent you from enjoying the fresh air this summer. Coway makes possibly the best air purifier around, but anyone who's done their research also knows that this quality don't come cheap. Except for today, apparently: Though they're usually a whopping $252.99, you can save $91 (!!!) and get the Coway Mighty Air Purifier for just $161.99. Walmart's deal saves you an extra $65.70 compared to shopping on Coway.com — the same model is only on sale for $227.69.  Read more...

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