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Cowboys again top Forbes’ list of most valuable franchises

Charean Williams

Donald Trump had a chance to buy the Dallas Cowboys for $50 million in 1984. He passed, telling the New York Times he felt “sorry for the poor guy who is going to buy” them as it’s a “no-win situation.”

Thirty-four years later, Trump is president and the Cowboys are king.

For the third consecutive year, Forbes ranks the Cowboys as the world’s most valuable sports franchise. It estimates Jerry Jones’ team is worth $4.8 billion. Forbes said the Cowboys have “the highest revenue ($840 million) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization ($350 million) of any franchise.”

The Cowboys are the only NFL team ranked in the top five, with three soccer teams and the Yankees rounding out the top of the list.

The NFL, though, did have all but three of its teams ranked in the top 50. Only the Bengals ($1.8 billion), Lions ($1.7 billion) and Bills ($1.6 billion) failed to make the cut of the league’s 32 teams.

Judging by the NFL’s top 10, though, winning and making money don’t seem to correlate:

1. Cowboys: $4.8 billion

2. Patriots: $3.7 billion

3. Giants: $3.3 billion

4. Redskins: $3.1 billion

5. 49ers: $3.05 billion

6. Rams: $3 billion

7. Bears: $2.85 billion

8. Texans: $2.8 billion

9. Jets: $2.75 billion

10. Eagles: $2.65 billion