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Cozy, Luxe Inspiration For Your Winter Wedding

SMP Contributor

Winter weddings are often overlooked as a season to get married but if you ask me...they are one of the best-kept secrets! Winter weddings are less expensive and have unlimited potential for beautiful dresses, swoon-worthy photos, and memorable rustic decor. Not convinced? Check out these winter wedding ideas and thank me later.

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Hot Chocolate Bar

A cute way to get people feeling cheery in the winter weather is to have a cute bar with Hot Chocolate featuring gourmet marshmallows, an assortment of flavors (like mint, raspberry, cinnamon, and more), toppings, cute straws, and more. Bring it out during cocktail for a fun way to kick off the reception, or save it as a surprise for later in the reception when people want to take a cozy dance break.

Shades of Grey

While grey is a beautiful color in any kind of wedding, it looks especially amazing on the groomsmen in the winter. Put the groomsmen in a dark grey wool suit and pair with navy bowties. This will be a unique look that will keep your groom and his entourage looking unique and staying warm. It takes that popular grey look to the next level and looks good on everyone.

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Faux Fur Wrap 

Is there anything more glam than wearing a fur shrug over your wedding dress!? Add a jewel toed heel or some bold sparkly earrings to complete the look. It will make for gorgeous photos and will keep you fashionably warm when you're traveling from ceremony to reception.

Gold Framed Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs with gold accents are a simple elegant touch that flows well with the rustic theme. Use the winter time wisely by having a sign at the reception that says, "Baby it's cold outside". If you prefer more functional forms of décor, use the sign as a table place setting to guide everyone to their seats. Add a touch of hand-lettered calligraphy and call it a day!

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Rustic Décor 

Winter is a beautiful time to embrace rustic décor. Utilize wood pieces with green accents, and candlelight. Forego the typical round table, for a beautiful wood rectangle table with a simple table runner sprinkled with white candles in varying shapes and sizes. Use the outside darkness and the dim candlelight to your advantage as you create a romantic setting.

Classic Winter Feast

Winter time is a season when people expect and look forward to amazing home-cooked meals. Go for the classic dishes of comfort food like rosemary chicken, beef burgundy, and roasted vegetables. Instead of a buffet, have food served family style so that each table is participating in their own little feast together. It will bring a new level of intimacy among family and friends while giving everyone a memorable meal.

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I feel like all I need to say here is "sparkle" and then do a mic drop but I'll elaborate... winter weddings are perfect for beaded and sparkly dresses because they don't look overdone. Beading and sparkle can look harsh in spring and summer weddings, but they pair perfectly in the winter. Put your girls in sparkly gold or navy dresses while you wear a beaded dress that has a touch of sparkle. If full beaded or sparkly dresses is too much for your style, embrace the sparkles with subtle gold heels. I promise your bridesmaids will wear the dress after the wedding simply because they want to.


I know that many of us spend the winter season complaining about the cold dreaded snow, but no one can deny that when the snow is sparkling and the tree branches are weighing with white glistening snow – it's simply lovely. This will make for gorgeous scenery for your wedding photos. And if you're concerned about looking pale, get a spray tan and enjoy your tropical honeymoon when the wedding is over.

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Naked Cake 

This naked cake covered in powdered sugar and accessorized with beautifully decadent berries should be all the convincing you need to have a winter wedding. But in all seriousness, it's gorgeous and is a beautiful form of its own "décor". A grand cake will tie the bold pieces of your winter wedding together and be a showstopper as you delight your guests.

Winter weddings are a completely underrated wedding season but can be gorgeous and memorable by you and your guests!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Kylie Thompson is a freelance writer, blogger and marketing professional from Grand Rapids Michigan, where she resides with her husband. When she isn't working, you will find her exploring Grand Rapids' newest culinary establishments with her husband, or traveling up and down Lake Michigan's coast.