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CPA Affiliate Network Affiliate Ads LLC Announces Launch of New and More User-Friendly Website

In Addition to Being Easier to Navigate, the New Website Helps Explain what the Team at Affiliate Ads Does

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2015 / The founders of Affiliate Ads LLC have just announced the launch of their brand new website: http://www.affiliateads.com. As a spokesperson for the CPA affiliate network noted, the new site is expected to provide a better customer experience for all of their affiliates and advertisers. For example, the new site has a better design and more up to date layout then the previous one.

In addition, the team at Affiliate Ads hopes the new site will shed more light on what they do and how they operate.

"We are a leading private network in the affiliate marketing space," the company spokesperson said, adding that Affiliate Ads was established in April of 2013 and has continued to grow ever since.

"The idea behind Affiliate Ads was to establish a network that would provide the best and up to date services to its affiliates and advertisers. After dealing with many networks and many different advertisers we decided we could implement a better strategy that would provide for a better affiliate and advertiser relationship then those other networks."

As the spokesperson noted, most networks are all talk and no game. For instance, they make claims that they can be there 24/7, never have late payments, always get the offers their customers need, and have the best performing offers.

Before founding Affiliate Ads, the owners tested and worked with many different networks. They just couldn't find one that actually did what they said they would do, the spokesperson said.

"Initially they helped and maybe got a few offers for us, but in the end, they always seemed to fail in multiple items listed above. After this, Affiliate Ads LLC was created to make all those problems go away."

Unlike other companies, Affiliate Ads LLC are on nearly 24/7 hours a day, they always pay on time, they get every offer their customers want, and they work with many advertisers to get the best performing offers.

"Don't take our word for it, sign up for yourself and see," the spokesperson said, adding that as a private network, each affiliate is unable to sign up unless he or she is referred by another affiliate already in the community.

"Keeping the network private limits the fraud and allows us to focus on every individual affiliate and advertiser with 100 percent attention."

Affiliate Ads works on each individual's goals and helps each person achieve those goals. With this amount of help and attention, there is no way affiliates will fail in the community, the spokesperson said.

"All of the affiliates that we work with end up making profit even if they have never been in affiliate marketing before."

Lastly, Affiliate Ads LLC will soon be launching training programs for those affiliates just starting out. It will have step by step instructions on creating a media buying campaign, building a website, SEO, mobile advertisers, and much more. This information will only be available to those affiliates who are a part of the Affiliate Ads community. The programs will continue to grow over time and affiliates will be able to access them 24/7, and at no cost.

"Most networks just want to work with people that already have traffic, but here at Affiliate Ads we work with everyone from new to those who are highly experienced. So at Affiliate Ads there will always be helpful information around and people around that can help you almost 24/7," the spokesperson said.

About Affiliate Ads:

Affiliate Ads was established in April 2013. They are a fast-growing, performance-based invite only digital advertising organization. Their primary goal is to provide the best value and service possible to every customer and media partner they work with. They understand that each client has different needs and goals. For more information, please visit http://affiliateads.com/.


Eduardo Guzman
(949) 555-2861

SOURCE: Affiliate Ads