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Do the CPAs in Congress do their own taxes?

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Americans are sitting down with W-2s, 1099s and other tax forms in the annual tax season slog. Some choose to do their own taxes, while many others to pay someone else to do them.

Yahoo Finance recently traveled to the nation’s capital to talk to members of Congress – who also happen to be CPAs – about taxes, and we asked them whether they do their own taxes.

We reached out to all 12 members listed as an accountant on the House Library clerk’s list and the two accountants in the Senate; seven members agreed to speak with us — six Republicans and one Democrat.

Some do their own taxes, like Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas), a CPA. Conaway said he only does one tax return every year — his own.

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“There’s nobody more dangerous than a CPA who only does one tax return,” Conaway said. “When I push that button to e-file, it’s like ‘Did I get it right? Have a screwed this up?’ Because the last thing I want is some sort of a story that a CPA in Congress with a current license screwed up his own tax returns.”

Others, like Rep. Glenn Grothman (R – Wisc.), doesn’t work on his own taxes.

I’m too busy as a congressman to do my own taxes; it’s just that simple,” Grothman said. “But prior to [becoming a member of Congress], I always did my own taxes.”

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