CPM Paint Protection Film, Making Your Car as Bright as a New One

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2020 / CPM Paint Protection Film is a kind of automotive paint protection film made from imported TPU materials. The raw material is of American origin. In recent years, the product has been promoted in the Chinese market. It aims to be cost-effective, seeking to make the paint protection film available to all ordinary families, and making the auto film as convenient, reliable and economic as the mobile phone stickers.

The paint protection film, as its name implies, is a thin film to protect the automotive paint. It is used to be called invisible car cover in China. The complete paint protection film consists of three layers, the nano reparation coating, TPU substrate layer and glue layer. High quality paint protection film has a total thickness of about 8 mil, containing the reparation coating of 0.8-1 mil, TPU substrate layer of about 6 mil and the glue layer of about 1 mil.

First, the reparation coating is the cover of TPU substrate that can realize scratch reparation, and is thus the biggest selling point of an invisible car cover as well as the most high-tech part of the complete paint protection film. The core role of coating is to provide a dense protection to the TPU substrate layer in the middle, protecting TPU from climate and environment damages.

Second, the TPU substrate layer is the most costly part of the complete paint protection film. The substrate layer evolves from the most original PVC materials (more commonly the plastic, easily yellowing, hardening and cracking, with a service life of less than one year normally) to TPU materials as the mainstream nowadays under survival of fittest circumstance, truly achieving the core function of anti-scratching, anti-bump and anti-cracking. But the separate TPU material is of general resistance to weather, corrosion and penetration, so TPU substrate layer needs the compact protection of coatings. The combination of two layers can achieve the most complete function of invisible car cover actually, i.e. anti-scratching, anti-bump, anti-cracking as well as easy reparation and resistance to corrosion and penetration.

Lastly, regarding the glue layer, glue products are of mature technology. As long as the paint protection film manufacturer selects the brand glue of high quality and grasps the quality control in the production process, there will be no problem. If some unscrupulous manufacturers use inferior glue products or have a low manufacturing technology level, the paint film will have sharp aroma after opening and obvious degumming when scratching with hand. In the event that such film is used, there will be glue residues on the paint when the film is torn off in the future as well as damages to the paint and troubles in cleaning.

By selecting the global high-end imported raw materials and relying on its advanced production equipment and self-innovative technologies including PET original film extrusion, magnetic control spurting, precise coating complex and other advanced technologies, CPM paint protection film can provide users with the innovative and reliable safety products that are easy to operate and leave no glue residues after repeated attachment and removal. The CPM substrate of high grade allows the flatness, brightness and transparency to be improved by 30%. In the meantime, the operation services of CPM paint protection film stick to the principle of "Machine cutting in combination with hand working". With years of practical experience, its self-supporting film team can provide delicate jobs according to the paints, textures, thickness, radian, surface gloss and other subtle differences of different vehicle types, achieving fast and accurate operation while giving all-round protection to the paints. The third-party film service teams cooperated also receive strict safety operation training so that they can finish the protective film operation with high quality rapidly.

The CPM paint protection film products have four series: Air, Air Plus, super brilliant black and matte series. Different series are the same in the basic function, except for the minor adjustment of some attributes specific to different customer groups and some specific functions to be achieved so as to meet the requirements of different scenarios. Comparing with the paint protection film of 20,000 Yuan or above in the market, CPM protection film has the minimum price of 9,999 Yuan, with the same imported TPU materials showing a greater sincerity.

About CPM

CPM brand has the full name of Car Protection & Magician. The products adopt the imported TPU materials and have a number of self-relied intellectual properties. Although it is a newly-developing brand, its excellent product quality and superior service network have gained the recognition of lots of cooperative partners at domestic. Its members of core teams in Great China Region are from the Fortune Global 500 and first-line internet companies, with more than 10 years of experiences in solar film production, operation, research & development and service. It also has the experiences in serving many automobile enterprises and group distributors in the automobile circulation channels, and specializes in serving after-sale market channels and new retail E-commerce customers. The perfect service system, top-class project management as well as localized and customized comprehensive solutions guarantee that each vehicle delivered can enjoy the professional and worry-free operation services.

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