Is the Cracker Barrel menu getting 'woke'? Meat eaters rage on Facebook over addition of Impossible sausage

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Cracker Barrel is now serving plant-based sausage. Meat eaters aren't having it.

The popular southern restaurant chain is one of the few places where you can have breakfast after sitting on a real-wood rocking chair on the front porch or buying a bejeweled yard chameleon or "Live, Laugh, Love" wall sign.

But a new menu item comes with a side of controversy.   Cracker Barrel is ruffling the feathers of some carnivorous customers  by offering Impossible Sausage as a protein option.

"Discover new meat frontiers," the company said in a Facebook post. "Experience the out of this world flavor of Impossibleā„¢ Sausage Made From Plants next time you Build Your Own Breakfast."

The company's decision warmed the hearts of some vegetarians.

"Thank you for adding a plant-based fake meat option to the menu," Facebook user Laura Warot Jones said in a comment. "Each year more and more people are going plant-based for the animals, for their health, and/or for the planet."

New at Cracker Barrel: A mini culture war over the addition of plant-based sausage to the menu.
New at Cracker Barrel: A mini culture war over the addition of plant-based sausage to the menu.

"I am so grateful for you adding this to your menu," Facebook user Scott Richardson wrote. "I have a reason to return to your restaurant after going vegetarian and now vegan for the benefit of myself and all living things, including our planet. Thank you."

Meat-eating Facebook users had some spicier things to say.

"Bad choice," Brenda K. Mauney commented on Facebook. "Do your research."


User Joe Wicker, who wrote in the comments that he still orders "the double meat breakfast" even though it's gone from the menu, suggested the VP of marketing should be fired, calling the offering "a woke social experiment based on ideology and not business."

The outpouring of negative feedback got some blowback.

"Lone star tick disease is spreading and some of you yayhoos are gonna have to eat some metaphorical crow with your vegan sausages after the ticks make you allergic to meat," Facebook user Folk Breenhin wrote.. "Some childish old folks up in here getting their panties in a wad over other peoples' business."

Cracker Barrel told USA TODAY in a statement: "We're always exploring opportunities to expand how our guests experience breakfast and provide choices to satisfy every taste bud."

Cracker Barrel rolled out the Impossible sausage last year at 50 select stores as it looks to expand its menu to accommodate vegetarian diets.

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