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The Craziest Things Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Has Ever Said

Megan Willett
Karl Lagerfeld Pier Paolo Righi at a store opening in Munich

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Karl Lagerfeld, t he creative director for both Chanel and Fendi,  is perhaps the world's most quotable fashion designer.

Critical, dramatic, and obsessed with his spoiled cat Choupette, there's a polarizing Lagerfeld quote out there for almost every occasion.

The best Lagerfeld-isms are now available in the form of a coffee table book.

To compile the glossy hardcover, " The World According To Karl ,"  editors Patrick Mauriès and Jean-Christophe Napias combed through thousands of French, American, and British interviews with the designer and documentaries about his life to find his choicest quotes .

Here are some of our favorites, on everything from fashion to raising children:

On Having Kids: "I never wanted to have children. Because if a child didn't do as well as me, I wouldn't have loved it, and if did better than me I wouldn't have loved it either."

On Revenge: "I know revenge is mean and horrible, but I see no reason why I shouldn't do something back if somebody has done something bad to me. When people think it's all forgotten, I pull the chair away — maybe 10 years later."

On Beauty: "I'm surrounded by young and beautiful people. I hate looking at ugliness."

On Food: "I don't need to shop for food because I never eat."

On Fashion: "Trendy is the last stage before tacky."

On Sweat Pants: "Jogging pants are a sign of defeat. You've lost control of your life, so you go out in jogging pants.

On Russian Men: "If I were a Russian woman I'd be a lesbian. Russian men are not very good-looking."

On Men In General: "I hate small men. They're the most wicked, bitter, and vindictive kind there is."

On His Famous Sunglasses: "I never go out without my notorious dark glasses. I like to see, not to be observed."

And On Himself: "Normal people think I'm insane."

Check out the rest and buy a copy of "The World According to Karl" from publisher Flammarion here.

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