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Here Are Some Of The Crazy Things People Would Do With Google's Computerized Glasses

Megan Rose Dickey

Google is on the hunt for creative, unique individuals to test out Google Glass, its Internet-connected headset.

But the clock is ticking for the general public to convince Google that they're the right person for the Glass Explorer program. 

Last week, Google started accepting applications for everyday people to join the Glass Explorer program. (Previously, only Google employees and a limited set of developers have had access to the gear.)

Anyone interested in testing out Glass has until tomorrow to post on Google+ or on Twitter what they would do if they had Glass. (The posts had to mention the hashtag, or keyword,  "#ifihadglass.")

Here a few of the more interesting use cases we stumbled upon. Some are very heartwarming, some are entirely practical, and others are more comedic.


#IfIHadGlass I'd finally have an excuse not to wear my real glasses!

— Alex Rieger (@Alex_Rieger) February 26, 2013

#ifihadglass I would make assistive technologies for Alzheimer patients

— Trevor Grayson (@TrevorGrayson) February 26, 2013

#IfIHadGlass I would become closer with family members I haven’t been able to see in years, because they live half-way around the world.

— Daniela Jusino (@CreativeJusinos) February 26, 2013

I would put them on, activate the camera, and then stare at a mirror just to see if I'll go back in time. #IfIHadGlass

— Andy Ihnatko (@Ihnatko) February 26, 2013

Probably the most honest..RT @lesroberts77: Put it straight on eBay #ifihadglass

— jeff hughes (@jch132) February 26, 2013

I'd be able to look up fart jokes for my four sons with lightning speed #IfIHadGlass

— Matt Pankratz (@czmilosz) February 26, 2013

#ifihadglass I would look like a dumbass and feel like a creep.

— Lauren Miller (@LaughingLauren1) February 26, 2013 — Joshua Rawa (@joshuarawa) February 26, 2013

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