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Crednology Holding Corp's Affiliate, Score-Up, Enters Into Agreement for 30,000 Potential New Client

GRAY, GA. August 1, 2013 Crednology Holding Corp (OTC PINK: COHO), parent company of the nation’s leading Online Credit Management company with 24/7 access and exclusive Point Deduction Technology software, is pleased to inform shareholders that the Company's affiliate, Score-Up, Inc. entered into an agreement with The International Women's Leadership Association to provide credit management services to its 30,000 members worldwide.

Under the agreement, The International Women's Leadership Association will refer its Canadian members to Score-Up while referring its US members to CreditDNA and Score Navigator.

The Company projects revenue for the second half of fiscal 2013 will be significantly above that of 2012 due to this new agreement with The International Women's Leadership Association.

"The International Women's Leadership Association is a global organization designed to deliver reliable resources that meet the 'in-the-moment' needs of women around the world," said Beth Johnston, Executive Director. “Patricia is sharing her life’s journey with other women in the most positive way. She is sharing her results so other women understand how managing their credit score creates greater opportunity to more forward more successfully, both personally and professionally."

"As a member of the The International Women's Leadership Association, I am extremely excited they have selected Score-Up to provide its members with credit management services," said Patricia Giankis, Chief Financial Officer of Crednology Holding Corp. "We are confident the Company's vast array of services will be highly beneficial to its members."

About The International Women's Leadership Association (IWLA)

The IWLA is an global organization designed to deliver reliable resources that meet the 'in-the-moment' needs of women around the world. It is the goal of The International Women's Leadership Association to provide useful, meaningful resources to every mother, daughter, sister, and friend that enhance every woman's opportunity to reach her greatest level of personal and professional development; and in so doing make it possible for every women to realize her own goals, her own potential, her own dreams. For more information about The International Women's Leadership Association, go to www.theiwla.com, register, and join thousands of accomplished and ever-aspiring women who are committed to connecting and contributing to change the world, beginning with themselves.

About Crednology Holding Corp:

Crednology Holding Corp is the parent Company for its two operating subsidiaries, CreditDNA, Inc. and ScoreNavigator, Inc. CreditDNA is a Credit Management company that utilizes an exclusive Point Deduction Technology. Its proprietary technology has the unique ability to analyze a credit report and give full visibility to the points being deducted for each account, which then allows our trained staff the ability to create an actionable plan that will help our members reclaim those precious points and raise their credit score. CreditDNA provides members with up-to-date credit education material and assigns a credit coach to assist in keeping members on the right credit path. CreditDNA's Credit Management Program is recommended for anyone concerned with establishing a credit history that will allow them to become desirable borrowers for lenders, for anyone that is paying high insurance premiums, for anyone that is thinking of applying for credit or even a new job. CreditDNA offers you the ability to view all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion 24/7 through a private secured website designed to help members manage and monitor their credit. ScoreNavigator is a credit analysis tool designed for consumers and loan originators. It analyzes the electronic version of a credit report and recommends the quickest way to achieve a credit score and to achieve the score needed for loan approval. ScoreNavigator analyzes your total credit picture based on the data reported by the bureaus. The combinations of your total credit picture, as well as, each individual item are factors in determining the score impact of each individual item on a report. ScoreNavigator determines with 92% accuracy the point impact of each trade line on a credit report, whether positive or negative.

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