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Crescent Cash Becomes First Mobile Wallet to Add Pay-To-Phone-Numbers Feature By CoinText

This week Crescent Cash, an open-source Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for Android, became the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet to enable paying to phone numbers through CoinText's new open API.

NASHUA, N.H., May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- This week Crescent Cash, an open-source Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for Android, became the first mobile cryptocurrency wallet to enable paying to phone numbers through CoinText's new open API.

Crescent Cash users can now send to phone contacts even if the recipient doesn't already have a wallet. They receive the funds instantly via SMS text message and they're immediately available to be re-spent using CoinText.

"Not only can you send to contacts, but you can manually type in a phone number and send BCH instantly, wallet-to-wallet, on-chain, to any mobile phone in the 42 countries CoinText supports," explained CoinText founder and CTO Vin Armani.

Users began using the tool the moment Crescent released it. Here's a video demo posted to Twitter.


CoinText offers a full-featured SMS cryptocurrency wallet to transact phone-to-phone without Internet. Users control their wallet with simple text commands like BALANCE to check the balance, RECEIVE to display the public address, and SEND $amount to a phone number or wallet address. It works on any type of phone including old flip phones.

"Now senders don't need to use SMS to send to phone numbers," Armani added. "Nor do they need to maintain a balance at CoinText to use the SMS service."

This latest feature is powered by CoinText's BIP70 payment protocol API that enables a variety of custom peer-to-peer payments. Sending from an app wallet like Crescent Cash to phone numbers is the first example of one-click custom transactions.

Crescent Cash's pseudonymous developer, @Pokkst, recently ported his projects from Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) citing high fees, unreliable transaction times, and the complexity of BTC's Lightning Network.

"It's (BTC's Lightning Network) simply too difficult and unstable for the layman to use," Pokkst said about his move to Bitcoin Cash. "If we want Bitcoin to succeed, it needs to have an amazing, yet simple, user experience for the average person. Bitcoin Cash works flawlessly, the way BTC used to."

Prior to this latest pay-to-phone-numbers integration with CoinText, Crescent Cash added support for Bitcoin Cash's token protocol Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) and an alias address system called Cash Accounts for sending to human readable account names like "Jonathan#100" to share on social media, in audio content, or during phone calls.

"Pokkst is the real deal and Crescent Cash is an elegant mobile wallet for Bitcoin Cash," says Armani. "The BCH community has so many talented developers working hard to bring peer-to-peer cash to the world."

CoinText says its new payment protocol API makes complex payments easier, faster, and more convenient without the need for custody.

"Using our API, any mobile BCH wallet supporting BIP70 can very easily add this pay-to-phone-numbers feature," Armani emphasized.

Developers wishing to add this new feature to their mobile wallet app can contact CoinText for immediate assistance with the integration.

About CoinText
CoinText is a for-purpose company to spread economic freedom by making cryptocurrency useful as money. CoinText's SMS wallet works on any text-enabled device without apps, accounts, passwords or Internet and is available in 42 countries and 20 languages. CoinText's payment protocol API is used by wallets and merchant solutions across the ecosystem.

Website: CoinText.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinText
Contact: contact (at) cointext.io

About Crescent Cash
Crescent Cash is an open-source, non-custodial Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet for Android (with desktop and other versions coming soon). Crescent combines the simplicity of traditional, centralized money apps with the security of trustless Bitcoin wallets. The wallet features a simple intuitive design and support for SMS payments, BIP70 invoices, SLP tokens, and Cash Accounts handles.

Website: Crescent.cash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/crescentcash