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New Criminal Background Check Service Allows Companies to Uncover the Truth About Someone by Searching People, Background, Criminal Records, and Social Media

ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2014 / These days, there are lots of reasons to conduct a criminal background check. People would want to conduct an instant background check of their boyfriend/girlfriend, next door neighbor, or a potential client/ employee. Criminal background check sounds helpful, but doing it is not easy. People would often hire private investigators to check the background of someone, but this may cost a huge expense. eVerify is an online background check company that can help people find out who they are dealing with. Capable to providing instant background checks, eVerify is the best in the industry, according to clients.

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With more than 1 billion records, E-Verify features a nationwide search system that allows for infinite look up and access of data from unlimited databases. Through this, eVerify is able to compile the comprehensive reports and to provide individuals with the best background check service. People that will use eVerify can acquire instant background check reports and get answers to their questions about a certain person’s background. The search system of the company can access different government information directories allowing these things to happen.

According to the company, they have standards above and beyond the competition. They assure clients that the search results they provide are complete and comprehensive. The data around someone’s background is derived from updated private and government search listings. The four distinct search options of eVerify, including criminal records, background, people, and social media assure clients that they can get the most accurate report on background checks.

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Clients can stay updated of the records they have about the particular person through the membership access on the company’s highly advance public records search system. They can search almost everything about a particular person using the last name, first name, phone number, or the residence address.

The background check services offered by eVerify are also cost effective and timely. Compared to hiring private investigators, online criminal background check is affordable and can provide search results within a short period of time. The reports generated by background checks include court records, birth records, property records, marriage/divorce records, death records, and asset information.

For further information about eVerify, please visit http://background.aez.biz/. Interested people can call tel. no. 800-791-1427 or send emails at http://www.everify.com/help.php