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I Cringe Every Time I See This on a First Date

Michelle Scanga

While I’m no first-date expert or even dating expert, I feel like I weirdly have this talent where I can tell when a couple is on a first date. Maybe it’s because I’m subconsciously eavesdropping on other people dining or maybe it’s because my roommate and I love to play this game when we’re out to eat where we predict certain scenarios, like “table to your left, they are for sure on a first date” or “group behind you, they’re 100% going to Delilah after this.” Is it a little weird maybe, but don't judge us we find it entertaining.

During my experience playing this made up game, I’ve noticed a few fashion choices that make me cringe (ok, cringe is a little dramatic but this definitely catches my attention). Let me preface by saying, one should always wear what makes them feel confident over everything, I even recently shared the one outfit combination I wear on every first date that makes me feel my best not matter what. Back to the one thing that makes me cringe. I spot this when I see the person I’ve predicted is on a first date walk to the restroom and there it is, the heels are causing the person to walk unnaturally. This is most likely because they don’t fit properly or perhaps are too tall. To avoid this, I always recommend wearing a comfortable block heel on first dates. Shop my favorites below!