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CrossFire Publisher, G4BOX, Chooses iovation to Shield Customers From Game Abusers

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - Dec 5, 2012) - iovation, the leading provider of device reputation protection against online fraud and abuse, today announced that G4BOX has selected iovation to protect users of its online, community-based video games. G4BOX is the publisher of CrossFire, the world's largest first-person online shooter game with more than 4.2 million concurrent users globally.

"With so many users playing concurrently in our community-based video games, it is vital that our gaming environment is as safe as possible while not distracting loyal players with added security hurdles," said G4BOX CEO Jason Yang. "iovation's device reputation technology is the most advanced solution available today. Combined with their long-standing, proven track record of helping major gaming publishers successfully combat cybercrime made them the ideal partner for G4BOX."

While iovation has flagged nearly 20 million transactions for high risk in the gaming industry alone since 2004, more than 9 million of those transactions were flagged just this year. G4BOX will tap into iovation's cybercrime intelligence network containing over 1.2 billion devices and 11 million fraud and abuse records, to mitigate fraud and abuse on its online games conducted during transactions and game play, and on their forums.

"iovation has been helping online gaming companies block threats before they can do harm for years and we're looking forward to continuing this heritage by safeguarding one of the leaders in community-based video games," said Greg Pierson, iovation's CEO and Founder. "Much like in CrossFire where gamers have an arsenal of weapons, we are providing G4BOX with the most advanced fraud-fighting tools to take down gold farmers, chat spammers, identity thieves and other bad actors."

Through its ReputationManager 360 service, iovation tracks the reputations of everything from desktops to laptops, mobile phones to tablets, and gaming consoles to smart TVs. By utilizing iovation's device reputation intelligence gathered with the input of its network of thousands of security professionals, G4BOX can determine whether or not a device would be likely to conduct a fraudulent transaction. This unique iovation capability makes it possible to proactively identify devices that are associated with abuse and stop bad actors before they can strike.

About G4BOX
G4BOX Inc. is the North and South American publisher of parent company SmileGate's military online FPS CrossFire, with the goal of becoming a leading publisher and digital media distributor of free-to-play online video games. Founded in 2006, G4BOX is built on the principle that online, community-based video games offer unique and compelling gaming experiences with untapped mass market potential and wide social appeal. Based in Toronto, Canada, G4BOX employs a staff of widely-talented and culturally diverse employees, headed by an experienced and imaginative management team. In publishing CrossFire, the world's largest first-person online shooter with more than 4.2 million concurrent users globally, G4BOX continues to deliver the highest-quality free-to-play action game experience though its proprietary gaming portal, Z8Games. For more information about G4BOX and its current product offerings, please visit www.z8games.com.

About iovation
iovation protects online businesses and their end users against fraud and abuse through an industry-leading combination of advanced device identification, shared device reputation and real-time risk evaluation. More than 2,000 fraud managers around the globe leverage iovation's database of Internet devices and relationships between them to determine the level of risk associated with any type of online transaction. Retail, financial services, social network, gaming and other companies make real-time queries to iovation's knowledge base of more than one billion devices from every country in the world. Clients also leverage iovation's Fraud Force Community, an exclusive virtual crime-fighting network of the world's foremost security experts sharing intelligence about cybercrime and prevention techniques. Every day, iovation stops over 150,000 fraud attempts. For more information, visit www.iovation.com.