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Crowd Machine Celebrates Major Milestones and Moves into New Headquarters

Crowd Machine Seeks to Democratize the Building of Apps

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Crowd Machine, an enterprise-grade zero-code app building and hosting platform, celebrates a year of growth during which it experienced a significant expansion of its enterprise customer base,  added notable strategic partnerships, and successfully launched its Crowd Academy in 2018. Continuing its momentum in 2019, the company introduced a revamped website and moved into new headquarters in Scotts Valley, California.

Crowd Machine's growth demonstrates the appeal of the no code phenomenon. With its comprehensive platform-as-a-service, Crowd Machine helps F1000 enterprises stay competitive in today's digital age, by modernizing their outdated legacy systems and removing the dependency on scarce and expensive DevOps teams. Crowd Machine also empowers all business people to bring apps to market faster, easier and less expensively than any other on the market, by completely eliminating the code and hosting complexities associated with traditional software development models.

"We want to give everyone the tools to make positive change in their business," said Craig Sproule, founder and CEO of Crowd Machine. "Businesses must innovate to stay competitive. Let's expand the group of people able to do so."

To make app-building accessible to all, Crowd Machine created Crowd Academy, a free seven-level, on-line training course that teaches customers how to create market-ready apps quickly,  that can also interface with blockchain, IoT, AI and robotics. To date, Crowd Academy has more than 600 Cadets (participants) from over 70 countries. It plans to grow with even more Cadets, now that the program is launching from beta. "Crowd Academy Cadets are proactive go-getters who want to advance their business or startup, or even just their own skills. They are people who have unique ideas and are taking matters into their own hands to see them actualized," said Meg Jones, VP Community Crowd Machine. "The community is growing fast. We've had 48 new Cadets join in February 2019 alone."

Earlier this month, Crowd Machine announced a partnership with Vital Voices, which identifies, provides training for, and invests in, creative and fearless women leaders making change in their communities and around the world, bringing together women from nine developing countries to learn from Crowd Academy.

Topping it off, Crowd Machine boasts over $40 Million Dollars in investments to date, including PivotNorth Capital.

Crowd Machine will be announcing a host of new services this year. For more information on Crowd Machine, please visit www.crowdmachine.com.   

About Crowd Machine
Crowd Machine is the company behind an enterprise-grade, zero-code app building and hosting platform that allows anyone to bring apps to market faster, easier and less expensively than any other on the market. By eliminating the code and complexities associated with the traditional software coding model, Crowd Machine democratizes the world of app development so all business people have the tools to help their company innovate.



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