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Crowdfunding Influencer to Roll Out a Way for Couples to Crowdfund Weddings

WESTAMPTON, N.J., Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --  Weddingcrowdfunding.com is creating a way for Weddings to be funded for up to $25,000 dollars by marrying a crowdfunding network and a wedding registry. With this large items and wedding / honeymoon expenses can be funded by couples who create their registry page with items that a group of people can contribute to in chunks until the item is funded. There are tools for a couple to reach out to their family, friends, and social network and tools like adding a custom video option and integrated messaging to enhance their message.

An engaged couple can select items to be fulfilled by a big box online and brick and mortar store. Which store is determined by the best price and what item the couple selects as well as the ability to add general and specific gift cards. This technology is to create an option where you can make use of modern funding and social media vs. other wedding registries. WeddingCrowdfunding.com also added tools a couple would like to have to help the registry go viral. Here is a way for a primary or secondary registry to have a larger gift that would normally be a splurge for the couple. The system is touted as being open to your imagination to getting your items funded and shipped.

So for a couple looking for large items to be crowdfunded by a larger community at all stages of the wedding whether the big day is in the planning stage, for the bridal shower, for the wedding registry or at the Honeymoon stage this maybe a perfect match for you. I think we can all agree that for too long there have been many wedding gifts that have missed the mark and hopefully now this is changed.

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