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Crypto Market Round-Up: Another Bitcoin Break Near $4000 or Are The Bulls Rushing the Gate?

P. H. Madore
Bitcoin, cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is over $3900 globally, though many exchanges still have it trading closer to $3850. Ethereum’s broken beyond $140, might take $150 before the day is through. Bitcoin Cash is right behind it. It’s green everywhere you look. Even Bitcoin SV is on the rebound, resting at $68 after $155 million in trades.

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, only 4 were showing a negative 24-hour change. One was Paxos Standard. We should expect a high amount of conversions to be going on with stablecoins today, a lot of turbulence in the market capitalization, as people get their money into various cryptos on the ride up.

The other three were something called Aurora, Power Ledger, and and Ark. Collectively they had less than $50 million in 24-hour volume, and Ark was the only big loser, dropping 14%. This likely has to do with people cashing out for Bitcoin or Ethereum, trying to catch the wave. They might come back when prices stabilize or begin to drop, or they might not. We’re only noting these four cryptos because they stand out as the day’s losers.

Let’s take a selection from the cream of the crop.

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